How Long Does It Take to Find a New Job After Rehab?

If you find yourself asking, “How long does it take to find a new job after I leave rehab?” follow along as we give you tips for making the process shorter.

You’re leaving a recovery house after finishing a recovery program for alcohol addiction. You’re glad you reached sobriety, but you’re afraid of integrating back into society. And, you don’t know how to find your first job after recovery.

You have a significant employment gap, and you have no references. Before entering a recovery program, you climbed the corporate ladder at a law firm. But your addiction caused you to lose your career.

You don’t know where to start looking for employment. Also, you need a job sooner rather than later as the bills pile up.

How long does it to find a new job after leaving rehab?

Finding employment after recovery varies, but you can find a job faster by enhancing your resume and using your sponsor as a job reference. And, working part-time jobs is one of the fastest ways to gain immediate employment. This article will reveal how to find jobs for recovering addicts. Let’s explore.

Adjust Your Expectations

Before finding a job, discover your passions. Avoid picking any job that comes your way, especially high-stress positions that could cause a relapse. Find jobs that match your skillset and expertise.

Narrowing your job prospects can also eliminate the time wasted applying for unfit jobs. With that, you should also keep an open mind and consider certain jobs that you otherwise wouldn’t have applied for.

Regardless of the profession, the following job descriptions work best for recovering addicts.

  • Jobs with opportunities for growth
  • Jobs with an established routine
  • A part-time job

A part-time job is one of the best jobs for recovering addicts because they don’t require an extensive commitment. You may have other obligations to meet, such as volunteer efforts or sobriety programs.

Therefore, a part-time job can be more conducive to your schedule. Moreover, part-time jobs can get your foot in the door, allowing you to work your way up the company chain.

Beefing Up Your Resume

Creating a resume may seem daunting, but being honest about your work history can benefit you in the long run. You can also get Free CV templates using Adobe Spark.

Keep the following in mind when creating a resume:

  • Include the most important information first
  • Limit your resume to three or four pages max
  • Highlight your accomplishments, including community involvement

Disclose any employment gaps. If a potential employer inquires about your employment history, you can mention that you were on a professional sabbatical and wanted to reassess your career goals.

If you’re pressed harder on the matter, mention that you were in recovery for a while. You can also add that you volunteered extensively and have contributed to the community.

Employers are more likely to hire applicants who have done volunteer work. Additionally, many companies are especially interested in recovering addicts because of their contributions and community work.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job if I Have Little to No Work History?

Regardless of your job history, anyone can start somewhere. Be open to small or part-time jobs that allow you to thrive. From there, you can gain access to better job opportunities.

A rehab job allows you to start fresh and excel in your new career. And, it is the first step to career recovery.

If you’re wondering how to find your first job, read more on our blog to learn more.

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