How Much Do Challenge Coins Cost?

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If you work in the corporate world or serve in an organized group, then you’re probably familiar with challenge coins. They are those cool-looking coins that stand out and make a statement.

Chances are you’ve probably asked yourself, “How much does a challenge coin cost”? Well, that answer isn’t cut and dry. There are a lot of factors that go into the challenge coin price.

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What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are special coins that are given to an individual to solidify membership in a group or organization. It’s also designed to honor a person for special achievements. They are small, metal coins that can fit in your hand or pocket.

Every challenge coin has a unique design that represents a particular organization. The emblem of that organization is carved into the coin and their motto engraved around the edges of it. Not only that, but they are usually colored with enamel paint.

Not every challenge coin is round. Some of them are of different shapes and sizes. They might include unique details like an extra tool that doubles as a bottle opener.

For the most part, challenge coins are created with a variety of metals like brass, zinc, and bronze. They are even expensive challenge coins made from 24-karat gold.

Challenge coins are provided to individuals who are part of sports teams and military groups. Plus, they are used within the business world to honor professionals who accomplish success in their particular industry.

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Types of Challenge Coins

There are numerous types of challenge coins to choose from. Here are a few of them:

Police Challenge Coins

Many law enforcement officers are honored and recognized using challenge coins. They’re offered as a symbol of respect to the officer for his commitment to the community.

In most cases, the coins are given to individuals who have faced and overcome dangerous situations and went beyond the call of duty.

Firefighter Challenge Coins

Another important group of individuals who receive challenge coins are firefighters. They risk their lives all of the time for the people in their community. The fire department provides coins to individuals who display outstanding quality in the field and accomplish great achievements.

Military Challenge Coins

The military offers challenge coins to veterans who exhibited bravery during their service. They’re also provided to military personnel who are currently serving their country.

In order to salute them the right way, military challenge coins are often created with high-quality designs and custom artwork.


Masonic Challenge Coins

Individuals who are part of the masonic organization often receive challenge coins. There is a deep history and tradition within the masonic organization, and it’s displayed on their custom coins. Many important, high-ranking officials within the Masonic Lodge receive these special gifts.

Corporate Challenge Coins

One of the best ways to reinforce corporate identity is by designing challenge coins. It’s also a way to commemorate a company’s milestones and reward staff members who put forth exceptional work ethic.

It’s a great way to memorialize anniversaries and other successful accomplishments.

Spinner Challenge Coins

For organizations that want to make their challenge coins unique, spinner coins are the way to go. There’s usually a symbol in the middle of the coin attached to a rod that allows for the middle section to spin freely. Spinner coins add a lot of flair to traditional challenge coins.

3D Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can also be taken to another level. Instead of doing the traditional engraving, some companies and organizations choose to create a life-like design. The main imagery is sculpted in 3D to provide a larger-than-life look to the coin.

Glow in the Dark Challenge Coins

Who says that challenge coins can’t glow in the dark? Creating these types of coins gives a new touch to the traditional designs. It helps to make a statement and signify what a particular organization symbolizes.


The Challenge Coin Cost

The challenge coin price differs depending on the size, design, and mold that you get.

A single challenge coin is fairly inexpensive. Let’s say you get a 3.5-inch coin with painted colors on each side. That’s about $7.29.

However, when you buy challenge coins in bulk, the price goes up tremendously. If you want to give a group of your employees a coin, you can expect to pay more. For instance, if you gave that same $7.29 coin to 200 workers, the price would be $1,458.

In addition to that, if you want a custom coin, the price increases tremendously. There are mold fees that are added to the price that can really boost the cost. You can expect to pay roughly $50 to $250 depending on the dimension of the coins and whether or not the style is one-sided or two-sided.

In the case of custom coins, you may only want to get those for very special individuals who’ve earned them.


The Best Challenge Coins

As you can see, challenge coins play a huge role in how our society honors those who put in hard work. They are a strong symbol of honor and bravery. The good news is, they’re also pretty affordable!

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