How Much Do You Know about Kaspersky Anti-Virus?

How do you know which antivirus software works best when you want to buy it? Independent antivirus testing labs, where dozens of antivirus solutions are tested and evaluated, are useful for your research. On this basis, the Kaspersky antivirus key is a winner. It earned the highest or nearly the highest score on every test from every lab we follow and passed our antiphishing test. The basic antivirus program offers the same excellent protection as the free Kaspersky product. However, the paid edition includes a useful vulnerability scan and full access to technical support.

Kaspersky’s main window looks the same as my last check-up, with the same slightly textured white background and plenty of room. At the top, there is a status window, and at the bottom a More Tools button and button fields for analysis, database updates, reports, and an on-screen keyboard.

The purpose of the on-screen keyboard is to protect your confidential information from being written to a keylogger, including a hardware keylogger. By default, it includes a numeric keypad and arrow keys, but you can minimize them when you don’t need them.

Interestingly, Kaspersky’s free antivirus interface is not based on the Premium edition. In contrast, the free product is a free version of a cheap Kaspersky key with premium features that require an update.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free contains the behavior-based System Watcher component and all the virus protection you receive in Premium virus protection.

Kaspersky scored the highest in all tests except one for each laboratory. The exception was just a notch below the top. Bitdefender also scored near perfect and the rest was perfect.

One way to prevent malware attacks is to make sure that the malware never reaches your computer. During my test to block malicious URLs, Kaspersky prevented the browser from visiting even more than 80% of malicious URLs and removed some malware downloads that exceeded the URL filter.

Phishing websites do not host malware. They only encourage users to provide their credentials. Kaspersky has proven to be extremely effective and has used heuristic detection to thwart fraud that is too new to the blacklist. With 100% protection, Kaspersky has outperformed the protection built into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and scored the highest in this test with McAfee AntiVirus Plus.

The System Watcher component aims to detect malicious activity, including ransomware activity, in processes that are ignored by the main antivirus in real time.

Some trials did nothing, perhaps because they discovered Kaspersky. System Watcher intercepted all other ransomware examples for file encryption and also broke the unusual Petya ransomware for disk encryption.

The free product includes access to the Kaspersky rescue disk, a complete ISO image that can burn to CD or DVD. If you boot from the alternate rescue disk operating system, Windows-based malware cannot resist. It should be noted that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus greatly simplifies the process. Just select the rescue mode and reboot. There is no hard drive to record or USB to prepare.

People write software. People are not perfect. Ergo, the software is not perfect. Malware coders are looking for ways to exploit vulnerable code in popular programs. Once an exploit is launched, the designers of the program work feverishly to correct it.

The Kaspersky vulnerability scanner, which is not available in the free product, searches for missing security patches in the operating system as well as in browsers and other popular programs. After a long scan, eight vulnerabilities were found in the operating system and two in the applications in my test system.

I am disappointed that the result is a simple and static list of apps. The software update program supplied with Avira Total Security Suite not only finds the available updates but also installs them automatically. The same goes for Avast Premier. Please note, however, that these two suites are the top-tier suites in their respective product lines: Small products do not include automation.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus gets the highest scores in all the tests we follow and comes with a limited version of Kaspersky VPN. The basic antivirus technology is the same as in Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, but the paid edition includes a vulnerability analysis and the possibility of obtaining direct technical assistance by phone or live chat.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus works just as well as Kaspersky and offers enough useful additional security features to almost be considered a sequel. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus uses behavioral detection as well as a registry and restoration system that can reverse the damage caused by malware.

Even if McAfee AntiVirus Plus doesn’t work as well, you can still use it to protect all the devices in your home. Among the dozen antivirus products available, we have selected Kaspersky Anti-Virus as the Editors’ Choice antivirus tool.

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