How Much does Accommodation Cost in the UK for an International Student

The United Kingdom is the most popular destination for students to pursue their higher education. It has three of the top prestigious universities globally & comprises the Top ten list of universities as per world university rankings.

As you have decided or aspire to pursue your further studies in the UK, there will be many questions & dilemmas in your mind. The most common worry would be, “How much will be your expense when living outside London, or how to find a budget friendly student accommodation?” Hence, to give you some relief or a helping hand, we have listed down a few points that can assist you in making a monthly budget and, when followed, lead you to a stress-free curriculum.

  Particulars Average Cost Per Month
 Accommodation £700 – £500
 Grocery £200 – £100
 Transport £40 – £30
 Household bills £50 – £40
 Entertainment £50 – £40
 Miscellaneous £300 – £200

The cost of living in the UK depends on many factors, which are mentioned below-

Let us discuss every factor in detail and explore all the options to select the best choice that will suit your pocket.

  • Accommodation:  There are many accommodation options available in the UK. You can decide as per your preference and budget. The UK offers you all the options from University Hall Of Residence and dorms to Private Apartments & Homestays. The cost of living in the UK for International students will depend on which type of accommodation the student opts for.
Accommodation Option Average Rent
  Campus Residence £600 – £400 per month
  Private Apartments £800 – £500 per month
  Homestay £60 – £10 per night

When you choose private apartments, it is peaceful and you can dedicate your time to your studies and learning. The cost of living will always be high when you live in a city. Smaller towns and outskirts will offer a reasonable deal when on a pocket-friendly budget.  

  • Grocery: Costs incurred for groceries can easily be manageable if you are not a party person and can cook your meals. Regular take-away can put your budget on a toss. Following are the cost of a few items that are available in the UK –
 Food ItemsCost
 Bread (1 Loaf) £0.97
 Milk (1 Liter) £0.92
  Rice £1.11
  Vegetables £1.10
  Fruits £1.71
 Chicken £5.44
Eggs (1 dozen) £1.93

You can plan your meals well in advance and do the grocery shopping as per the meal plan. Being an international student in the UK will save you from the unnecessary headache of shopping at stores for small things at the last hour.

  • Transport: You will be spending another chunk of money on transportation costs. Fortunately, the UK has amazing connectivity via public transport – bus, train, or tube, and students also get special discounts. Hiring a cab is very expensive in the UK hence will increase your budget drastically!
 Mode of Transport CostDiscount for Students
  Train £13 – £12             30%
Metro/Subway £5 – £4 
  Bus £1.50 – £2.50 (one-way ticket) 
 Cycle £2 for 30 mins 
  Taxi £90 – £6 
  •  Household Bills:  When living abroad away from your family & friends, few expenses are inescapable, especially in the digital age. Mobile & internet expenses are a must and cannot be compromised. Also, some rented places include utility bills. If not, then you need to consider those expenses too.
  Particulars Cost per month
Mobile & Internet £50 – £15
Gas, Water & Electricity£50 – £40              
  • Entertainment Cost: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is very rightly said. You cannot just be only studying while in the UK. You definitely would want a getaway and break the monotony of your study schedule. Following are a few options that you can ponder upon to entertain yourself on a budget.
Entertainment Options Average Cost
  Movie Ticket £10 – £9              
  TV License £12
 Sports £20 – £10 (per month)
  Concert £50 – £40
  Amusement Park  £40
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Last but not least, you will always have some additional expenditure every month so it is ideal to include this part beforehand on your monthly budget. This expense depends from person to person, on their needs & requirements. Miscellaneous expenses include – shopping, toiletries, stationery, household items, etc. Since this expense is quite personal you can allocate a certain amount and fix your monthly budget accordingly.


The above factors depend on aspects like your lifestyle, how much you socialize, the city you choose to live in, and your university. Therefore, the average monthly expense of an International student would be around £900 – £1500. Moreover, there is an additional, important, and inevitable expense – UK Visa & Immigration. Students pursuing a course in London have to spend £1,334 per month for 9 months and £1,023 per month for 9 months if the course is outside London. 

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