How Much Does an Emergency Dentist Cost?

When a person breaks an arm, they go to the closest hospital's emergency room. However, a broken tooth does not always qualify for a trip to the ER. 

When a person breaks an arm, they go to the closest hospital’s emergency room. However, a broken tooth does not always qualify for a trip to the ER. 

Left unchecked, chipped, or broken teeth could cause pain and eventually lead to a dangerous infection. At worst, you could lose a tooth that might have been repaired with a few appointments. 

How much does a visit to an emergency dentist cost, though? The price varies depending on a number of factors, such as severity and your insurance. Here’s everything you need to know beforehand.

What is a Dental Emergency?

When most people think of a dental emergency, they picture broken teeth. However, not every problem is readily visible. 

Tooth pain can be the result of a number of different reasons, such as your dental hygiene. Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency causing pain in your jaw joint. Or you might have a cavity that needs to be filled at your next dental appointment. 

If that pain becomes inconsolable, then it’s time to seek emergency dentistry options. It’s possible infection has taken root and ignoring it can result in nerve damage and the loss of your tooth.

Potential Procedures

Depending on the extent of the issue, you could be seeing your emergency dentist a lot over the next few months. Some of the procedures you could require include a crown placement, a root canal, or a filling. At worst, they may remove a tooth. 

A dental crown could cost a minimum of $1,000 without insurance. Metal crowns are the most affordable, while porcelain-fused crowns cost more. If the damage to a tooth has gone past the gum line, the dentist will require a crown lengthening procedure, which will cost extra. 

Your dental hygiene and the circumstances of the dental emergency will affect the type of care you’ll receive.

Navigating Emergency Dentist Cost

“Where can I find an emergency dentist near me within my price range?” 

Most dentists offer emergency dental services as walk-ins, with no appointment required. However, not every dental insurance plan covers emergency procedures.

For affordable treatment, consider visiting a dental school or a charity dental clinic. Dental colleges offer treatment at a fraction of the price, while charity clinics are meant to serve those in need. 

Alternatively, your local dental practice should provide payment plans. That way, you can pay off your bill over the course of a few months rather than all at once.

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in the Columbia, MD area, here’s what you need to know. 

The Cost of Dental Care

No one likes getting emergency procedures done, but it’s a necessary precaution to prevent further problems down the line. Although an emergency dentist’s cost can scare you off, there are ways to offset the price. 

Some insurance plans provide coverage for emergencies. Some dental practices have coupons to help you save money. 

At best, you’ll spend a couple of hundred dollars to fix a minor breakage. At worst, you could be looking at over a thousand. 

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