How Much Money Do YouTubers Make: Be Next YouTuber

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in recent times. Almost everybody has a YouTube channel, and some YouTube channel owners are cashing out big time on the platform!

It’s no secret that famous YouTubers like Mr. Beast make millions of money on YouTube and they even give away lots of it to their active subscribers. So, how does it work that some YouTube channels rake in lots of money, but your channel is still struggling with a few bucks and a very low subscriber count?

Well, there’s a hack to making money on your YouTube channel, and I’m here to share it with you. I’ll also share tips to help you grow your YouTube channel and subscriber count in a short time.

So, pause whatever you’re doing, and read through carefully!

Can You Make Lots of Money As a YouTuber?

Yes, you can earn lots of money from YouTube like you’ve seen many other YouTubers do. YouTube content creator earnings are not reserved for only a few creators.

With the right tactics and steps, you’ll be able to beat the YouTube algorithm, grow your YouTube subscribers, and make money on Youtube doing what you love.

As you begin your YouTube journey to wealth, you can check how much money your YouTube channel can make for you currently. Simply use a YouTube money calculator tool to find out your potential earnings from your channel. Input your channel URL into the tab and it will auto-calculate your earnings for you.

Now that you know what your channel can earn, let’s find out how you can make more of it from YouTube.

How Do YouTubers Make Money from YouTube?

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for making money as a YouTuber, but the most common method is by monetizing their content. Not just through advertising, many YouTubers build up to have enough subscribers to get them corporate sponsorships from big brands and organizations.

With a Google Adsense account, YouTubers can enable monetization on their YouTube videos earning them millions of dollars in a year. YouTube helps content creators earn from their video content through pre-roll ads, display ads, and other forms of advertising.

The creator earns 55% of the revenue gained from the number of clicks and impressions on the ads displayed on their channel.

Let’s take a closer look at the YouTube money-making strategy below:

What To Know About Making Money as a YouTuber

TheInvestorsPodcast made a very detailed article I think you should read, about how much famous YouTubers around the entire world earn from YouTube. If you’ve been thinking, “exactly how much money do YouTubers make?” Prepare to be shocked.

There were quite some huge numbers in there, and I know you’re eager to start earning the same from your channel’s growth and your loyal following.

It’s not an easy road to building an online reputation on YouTube, especially in some particular niche(s). But with consistent content quality and organic engagement from real subscribers, you’re set to hit your money goals.

Here’s what you should know about how YouTube pays out content creators on the site.

Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

If you’ve signed up on Google Adsense, then you can earn from YouTube monthly. Your earnings accumulate during the month, and at the beginning of the next month, the total will be sent to your balance on the Adsense payment page.

So, if you work hard at creating quality content, target the right audience demographics, and keep your channel active during the month, you can make cool cash from YouTube monthly.

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per View?

On Google Adsense, an ad costs anything from $0.10 to $0.30 per view. As a YouTube channel, you can earn up to $0.18 per view on average. However, there are still other factors that determine how much you earn from YouTube, including the number of views on your videos, your ad quality, how long your videos are, or the number of clicks on the ads.

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per 1000 Views?

On average, a YouTube account can make $18 per 1000 ad views. Only about 15% of viewers often hit the required 30 seconds that a video ad needs to be eligible for payment. This means that for every 1000 views, only 150 people will likely watch the ad. If Google is paying $0.18 per view, charging the advertiser $27 and keeping $9 for themselves, you get $18 per 1000 views on an ad.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per Subscriber?

YouTube doesn’t pay out creators based on their subscriber count, but on the number of views their videos receive. However, it’s highly essential to attract all the subscribers you can get to subscribe to your channel.

Real and active subscribers are important factors that decide how many views your YouTube video will likely receive.

The more subscribers you have, the better your chances of ranking highly on the YouTube algorithm as well. Real YouTube users on your channel are also the ones who will engage with the YouTube ads that increase your channel’s earnings.

Top 5 Ways to Start Earning Profitably From Your YouTube Channel

There are different ways to earn money from your YouTube content and social media in general. But I’ll focus on the 5 best ways to help you make YouTube your very profitable side hustle.

1 – Join the YouTube Partner Program

This partnership program is YouTube’s way of ensuring every content creator gets well-paid for their efforts on the best site for video sharing today. While you may explore other monetization methods, getting into the partner program allows you to earn from ads without actively campaigning.

However, you must be in a country or region where YouTube’s partner program is available. You must be ready to agree to the partner’s policies and regulations. The final requirement is that you must have 1000 subscribers or more, and up to 4000 watch hours in the previous year.

If you have fewer subscribers than the stipulated amount, you will need to grow your organic subscribers to hit the mark. I will show you how to do this shortly.

Here’s how to join the program:

  • Log into the account you want to add to the program
  • Select the account’s icon in the top right corner and select “YouTube Studio”
  • Go to Other Features then Monetization
  • Read the program’s terms and requirements then click “Agree”
  • If you have an existing Adsense profile, connect it to your channel. If not, create a new one and then connect.
  • Lastly, set up your monetization preferences.

There, you’re all set. Go to the Analytics tab on your dashboard and click Revenue. Scroll till you find the Monthly Estimated Revenue section to see how much you can potentially earn in that month.

2 – Collaborate With Brands as an Influencer

Influencer marketing as a YouTuber is very lucrative these days because brands are starting to pay more attention to reaching their target market on YouTube. They set aside large budgets for brand sponsorships and YouTube influencers to promote their quality services and products.

If you have a large number of loyal followers on YouTube, then you can channel their loyalty to your brand’s sponsors as well. With the right deals and a good number of subscribers, you can make thousands of dollars per sponsorship video.

According to market data, influencers earn up to $200/video if they have 10k subscribers, $2000/video if they have 100k subscribers, and $200,000/video for YouTubers with 1 million subscribers!

One way to become an influencer is to find influencer marketplaces like Crowdtap or Upfluence where you can promote different brands and get paid handsomely.

3 – Earn From Affiliate Links

Another way to earn easy money is to review products from brands or organizations and include links to their products within your YouTube video content. If you have real subscribers that engage with your channel frequently, then you’re ready to become an affiliate marketer.

Just make sure the products and services you’re reviewing are relevant to the real users that watch your content so that you can encourage them to click the links. When visitors click the affiliate links in your videos and buy from the brand’s website or social media page, you get a share of the money!

4 – Earn Money from Your Channel Subscribers and Fans

Want to start a new YouTube project? Need some money for some new equipment? Did you know you can get your fans and subscribers to sponsor your channel’s growth?

It’s known as crowdfunding and many top YouTubers do it, so why not you? If your idea is great enough, you’ll be able to get your followers to pitch in and send in some money until you all meet your goal. To run a successful crowdfunding project, you must first grow a loyal community of followers that trust you and want to see you become successful.

This will require carrying your YouTube subscribers along in your day-to-day life, giving them sneak peeks of how the project is coming along and being transparent with how you will spend the money.

5 – Sell Merch for Your Active YouTube Subscribers

One major way you can help your YouTube subscribers feel like they belong in your community is through the sales of merchandise. This can be anything ranging from branded shirts to mugs, water bottles, headphones, head warmers—anything you can think of that your community will like.

They don’t have to be expensive so that anyone can afford them. Just have them available to your subscribers and earn from the sales while still producing great content to keep them active on your channel.

Growing Your YouTube Subscribers — What Is a YouTube Growth Service?

A YouTube growth service is one that enables growing YouTube pages to purchase YouTube subscribers, likes, and views to help new audiences discover their amazing videos. If you’ve been struggling to gain more YouTube subscribers, they’re your surest step to gaining high-quality subscribers quickly.

Many users worry about whether they should buy YouTube subscribers or not. WKTR’s article gives you all the answers you need about this, but I’ll shed some light again here. Personally, I have tried a few of these growth sites myself, and I was not disappointed. The real subscribers I received on my channel helped me generate higher engagement on my videos, pushing my content higher on the channel’s results pages.

A huge win for me!

Things to Know Before You Buy YouTube Subscribers from Growth Services

Is It Safe to Buy Real YouTube Subscribers?

Yes, buying YouTube subscribers is safe. However, there are many sites that scam users looking to buy high-quality YouTube subscribers, so you must be careful when purchasing subscribers from growth services. Choose to buy YouTube subscribers from a reliable and trustworthy growth service based on user reviews and recommendations.

Why Buy YouTube Subscribers?

I recommend buying real YouTube subscribers if you need more subscribers to hit the Google AdSense subscriber count for monetization. When you buy active YouTube subscribers from growth services, growing your channel becomes easier. The number of subscribers a channel has can help convince others to interact with the page.

It presents your YouTube page as credible and interesting, and other subscribers will want to get in on your content as well. So, as long as the growth service you choose stays in line with YouTube’s terms and agreements, you can buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel.

What to Consider Before Buying YouTube Subscribers from a Growth Service

Here are a few things to check for before choosing to buy YouTube subscribers. This will help you avoid scam sites.

  • Do they deliver subscribers from your target audience group? The growth service you buy YouTube subscribers from should deliver real YouTube subscribers that align with your content, or they won’t engage with your page.
  • What’s their customer satisfaction policy? Will the service do everything to ensure you are satisfied with your order? Do they have a support team available to help you if something goes wrong with your purchased YouTube subscribers?
  • Do they deliver fake subscribers or organic YouTube subscribers? What do the reviews say about their subscribers? Are they bot subscribers or genuine subscribers that actually engage with your content? No use buying YouTube subscribers from a service if they won’t boost your engagement.
  • Is it one of the cheapest subscriber selling platforms? When you want to buy YouTube subscribers, it’s important to consider how their subscriber packages fit your spending budget. If they are too expensive you may not be able to afford them in the long run or when you need to buy a large number of subscribers.
  • Is the site secure? A site that will be providing subscribers to your channel must be safe and secure, so you don’t put your confidential information at risk. To be safe, only choose sites with an SSL encryption certificate.

Other Ways to Gain YouTube Subscribers Quickly On Your Channel

Apart from buying subscribers, there are other ways to gain subscribers on YouTube and social media.

  • Leverage other social media services to promote your videos. Share your content on your social media pages to encourage more viewers to check it out. If they love it, they will subscribe.
  • Build an engaging online brand by frequently interacting with your subscribers through the comments. Even if you buy real YouTube subscribers to boost your channel, interacting with them will also encourage other organic subscribers to flock to your channel over time.
  • Stick to creating videos consistently. YouTube users love to stay where the standard of quality is maintained. So, post fresh, engaging content at least once a week for new channels, and twice a month for existing channels.

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