How Online Casinos Are Making Their Services More Mobile-Friendly

It’s official – mobile devices are a massive part of everyday life. An estimated 3.5 billion people own a smartphone, which equates to 45% of the world’s population. When you combine smart and feature phones, the figure reaches 4.78 billion, or 61.28% of the global population. The rise of mobile devices is mind-boggling, and so is the growth of the online casino industry.

In tandem with mobile technology, such as the internet and 5G software, the market is valued at $53.7 billion, and it’s still growing. Mobile-friendly services are vital to the success of remote gambling establishments, so how do they leverage the mobile sector within their products and services?

Online Casino on mobile

Mobile-Only Deals  

Bonuses and promotions are the lifeblood of online casinos. Through a broad range of offerings, rivals in a competitive market can attract new customers and create a lane for their brands. The size of the industry and the variation of bonuses highlight the successful nature of the strategy.

However, digital providers go one step further – they make some deals available only online. As a result, the company encourages people to experience the remote platform in a risk-free way that benefits both parties. Bingo games are the best examples. Bingo used to be a declining activity as the millions of registered players bounced in the 1990s.

However, with the introduction of the internet and online promotions, the market is thriving. A study in the UK shows that the bonuses are popular among the 25-34s, so much so that bingo is Britain’s sixth-biggest game.

Content Across All Devices  

While smartphones are the biggest platform for online gambling, they aren’t the only methods people like to use. The online gambling market share by devices is split into three categories – desktop, mobile, and others. Although the former dominates the bulk of the usage, the “others” category accounts for around 25% of the sector, which is a significant amount.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that online casino content is available across a plethora of mobile devices. The introduction of apps is particularly important for remote wagering companies since an application is always on a person’s device and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

online gambling on smartphones

Accepting Cryptocurrencies  

A new form of currency has hit the market, and it’s growing very quickly. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have market capitalizations of $128bn and $19.4, respectively. Therefore, people need them to be more accessible in everyday life to get the most from their investments. Online casinos are some of the only businesses to utilize crypto, as shown by their acceptance of the payment method and their willingness to take deposits through PayPal.

By allowing people to buy and sell Bitcoin, PayPal has opened up the currency to 346 million people. Not all of them will spend their money on remote wagering solutions, yet the fact that PayPal is a popular withdrawal and deposit option for online casino users is a sign of how businesses make their products mobile-friendly.

Mobile casinos are making their services more mobile accessible through bonuses, wide-ranging content, and currency deposits, and it appears to be a very successful business model.

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