How Online Casino Games Differ In Various Parts of the World

Online gambling has taken the world by storm. It has blasted past physical casinos in terms of total revenue. On top of that, the very notion of being in a casino may not be advantageous, especially during these trying times. When we think of gambling, our perspective is slowly shifting towards the online model. It’s easy, convenient, safe, and open at all times of the day, every single day. But even among avid online gamblers, there are still a few questions that remain: can you gamble on offshore websites? What are the games like? Is another country’s set of card games similar to ours?

Here, we’ll explore the various games and prizes that are offered in each country. There are, as you can imagine, some differences. But more importantly, there are massive similarities.


Every country has its unique gambling card gameplay, like in Indonesia which is popular with poker qq online games. If you want to know more info about the game, it will direct you to a trusted site in Indonesia that provides various gambling cards such as poker and qq online too.

QQ online is considered “Indonesian poker”. It also goes by a few other names like Domino Indonesia, Domino QQ, and Qiu-Qiu. Engaging in these games is a fascinating experience. The options you have with Indonesian websites are wide and unique. If you’re not familiar with these games, they’re quite easy to learn. Certain symbols and instructions may be in Bahasa, but the gist of the game is there.

Plus, how cool is it to engage with a new online game? In the West, we have such stringent rules and regulations when it comes to games. It tends to stifle good avenues for new and exciting means to gamble. Indonesia doesn’t have that problem. You can explore all you want within this new realm.


Online gambling has long been a massive industry in China. They were one of the first adopters in the genre and catered to the 1.2 billion potential users within their region. The most famous card game, by far, is called Dou Dizhu. It roughly translates to its alternate name: “Fighting The Landlord”. Like most games that originated in China, Dou Dizhu is deceptively simple.

The mechanics are easy to follow and even easier to execute. But in having such simple dynamics, the variables are exponentially greater. It’s a very challenging game to truly master. This is the kind of game that draws in the “Go” players and the strategists. A 54 card deck gets shuffled and distributed among 3 people. The first round of betting is for who gets to be the “landlord”.

This is based on the confidence of one’s cards without showing their hand. The first bidder is, in an online platform, chosen at random. From there, it’s a classic card shedding game that constantly pins one’s confidence against the other two players jockeying for the position of an empty hand.


If you haven’t heard of Faro, you’re in for a treat. Faro is an old British game with its roots somewhere in France. Most likely it was spread around as a pastime for soldiers during that time. It eventually found its way to The United States via the ports in New Orleans. It continued being played in traditional casinos in The U.S. until the 1980s. Now, with the advent of the internet, Faro is making a comeback.

Faro has a bit more of a complex feel to it. The digital display has a 52 card deck, and an additional 13 sets of a given suit, a player marker, and betting chips. The 13 cards are laid out and each player places bets on a card on the layout. The dealer then draws two cards: the first is the losing card, and the second is the winning card. If you have chips on the losing card, you lose. Chips on the winning card? You win. You go down the deck until you’ve finished all 52 cards. 

Faro Game

Dragon Tiger

In the Japanese sphere of online gambling, Dragon Tiger is second only to Baccarat. The dynamics of the game are quite similar. The gameplay is extremely simple. When in a Japanese online casino, you can see your bankroll multiply in a matter of minutes with a game like Dragon Tiger. Two cards are laid out on the betting table. You have the Dragon bet and the Tiger bet. You can bet on either option or the tie.

When the cards are revealed, you either win or lose. It’s a very Japanese game in terms of its simplicity and effective delivery. Again, it’s much like baccarat, but even more concise. It remains a massive figure in that region’s online gaming. 

Even with its massive expansion, online gambling is still relatively new. But as time goes on, we’ll start to see more and more of these cool international games come to the forefront. It’s only a matter of time. Happy betting!

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