How Online Gambling Industry Will Change in The Next Years

As the saying goes, ‘Change is the only constant.’ Technological advancements have enabled us to bring about huge changes to the online casino industry. Users are now able to visit Bitcoin online casinos, play VR slots, talk to a real dealer – do something which cannot be done previously. In this article, I will be listing out the various new technologies that have or will be applied to online casinos in the next decade.

How Online Gambling Industry Will Change in The Next Years


Physical casinos vs. Online Casinos

Technological advancements have brought about disruptions in the traditional workforce, where physical labor is getting replaced by robots or artificial intelligence at an alarming rate. The industry of online casinos is no different. Other than gambling hot spots like Las Vegas or Macau, multiple casinos all over the world have been forced to shut down due to the lack of gamers. Technological advancements today have allowed players to gain access to all sorts of games from the comfort of their homes via their computers or even mobile devices.


Increasing Usage of Mobile Devices

Unlike our parents’ generation or even the earlier 90s where mobile phones are primarily used for calling, mobile devices today serve multiple functions. The exponential growth in the mobile industry has resulted in users to be increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. Studies have discovered that more users are gambling via their mobile devices than computers. Three key aspects are crucial in ensuring a quality gaming experience on their mobile devices. First, mobile players seek convenience, such as not having to key in their username and passwords repeatedly. Second, mobile players would compare the overall user experience not only between different online casinos but also between other platforms. Third, any fraud prevention software must be workable on mobile devices as well.


Fraud and Personal Data Protection

With technological advancements, the way that fraudsters operate has become more sophisticated and complex as well. Also, personal data protection is another massive aspect to consider especially with the increased traffic of data transmitting across the globe. Online casinos have to find ways to assure their gamers on their team’s capabilities in protecting against hackers and other forms of cyber-attacks. On top of that, online casinos have to assure gamers on their privacy protection policy and that the personal information of their gamers will never be stored in their database and hence no possibilities of it getting leaked.


Immersive gambling experience (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

Developers have been exploring the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) technology with online casino games using those VR headsets. Such integration is poised to bring about a truly immersive gaming experience whereby the user can experience the atmosphere of a real casino. Augmented reality compliments such integration between technology and online casinos, allowing users to be able to perhaps play a game of blackjack right at their dining table. Such incorporation of technology will only serve to enhance gamer’s experience and if done correctly will definitely boost the competitive edge that one platform has over other platforms. Ultimately, the games are mostly similar. What sets these platforms apart are really the overall user experience, which comes from such technology.


Blockchain Technology

Many people would associate this term with that of cryptocurrencies. However, that is only one of the many applications of blockchain technology. Currently, online casinos tend to rely on the existing technology of Random Number Generator in selecting winners, especially for slot machines. The integration of blockchain technology in games has the potential of reducing the advantage probability that the online casino has over the gamers. In other words, blockchain technology shifts the odds in favor of gamers. Therefore, any online casino that does not tap into blockchain technology would probably lose any competitive edge in retaining their gamer base, and become obsolete.



Technological advancements have revolutionized the ways that online casinos have been operating for the past decades. The increasing integration of the world via the internet has resulted in gamers to have more choices than before in terms of selecting a platform. Therefore, for online casinos to stay competitive, it is pertinent that they turn their attention towards integrating new pieces of technology with their existing games. Online casinos who do not do so will become obsolete in no time.

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