How Online Gambling is Affecting Attitudes About Gambling in US

All over the world, the popularity of online casino gambling has been booming. In Europe alone, the industry has seen double-digit percentage growth for 10 years with the expectation that the trend will continue into the foreseeable future. The primary reason for this growth has been the changing attitudes towards online sports betting and casino gambling. What once was considered taboo among conservative European nations has been moving steadily into mainstream culture.

The same can be said in the US. Up until two years ago, there was very little reason for anyone to believe US residents would ever be able to play online casino games of chance for real cash. All of that changed in the early part of 2018 when the US Supreme Court signaled it would consider lifting the nation’s ban on sports gambling in the US. While it might seem a bit unrelated, those rumors prompted several states to start thinking about gambling as a mainstream online activity for adults. Who would have thought that online casino review sites like https://slotsjudge.com/online-casinos/would ever have relevance to American gambling enthusiasts?


Online Gambling Attitudes

Thanks in large part to the efforts and foresight of legislators in New Jersey, online casino finally saw the light of day in early 2018. When the rumors proved true and the US Supreme Court indeed lifted the sports betting ban in May of 2018, it became clear that gambling would no longer be confined to the nation’s mega gambling destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas.


Online Casino Gambling Surges in America

Across the nation, every state has the right to decide on sports gambling legalization for its residents. As part of the package, online casino gambling is getting all due consideration. When New Jersey’s online casino industry began showing unparalleled potential, other states (Delaware, Nevada, Pennsylvania) took note and finally legalized online casino gambling for its residents as well. Including New Jersey, it’s no coincidence that these same four states were the first four to pass sports betting legislation. The initial results from each state have been very telling.

With online casino gambling revenues increasing by 20%-30% month-over-month in each of the aforementioned states, it has prompted other states to look seriously at the option. In all, eleven more US states have joined the original four states mentioned above in legalizing sports betting for its residents. Of those eleven, six states are nearing the passing of legislation to allow online casino gambling.


This drive towards unfettered online casino gambling for US residents is being fueled by a big change in attitudes about gambling in general. Gambling, as a form of adult entertainment, is moving away from land-based casinos and local poker parlors right to the PCs and mobile devices of a new generation of gambling enthusiasts. Certainly, easy access is also helping to drive the market.

In the states where residents don’t yet have access to online casino gambling, it seems only a matter of time. There will be big challenges in conservative states and maybe in states that are closely integrated with Tribal casino gambling. However, it seems logical that once a majority of states have legalized such activities, the others will eventually fall in line.

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