How Organization Helps With Stress

What's life without structure? When your home seems overrun with clutter, and your calendar looks overbooked with commitments

What’s life without structure? When your home seems overrun with clutter, and your calendar looks overbooked with commitments, it’s essential to reassess. Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed because they’re unorganized. If you’ve felt anxious lately, it’s necessary to look at how you can fix your current habits.

Here’s a look at how an organization may help you lead a more focused, relaxed lifestyle:


1. A Cluttered Space Impacts Mental Clarity

What do you think when you see those papers and boxes stacked on your desk? You’re probably overwhelmed — as if those items literally represent your emotional state. But when you finally tackle those messes, it’s like a weight falls from your shoulders. That’s because when your brain has to register many stimulants at once, it’s tough for your visual cortex to manage.

In other words, your environment impacts your mental health. As a result, you often become stressed when you have to deal with clutter. Your brain can’t handle large triggers like your overstuffed closet or messy car. A tidy space usually creates a similar headspace. While an organization may not be a cure-all for your emotions, it’ll help you achieve a more tranquil outlook on life.

Explore small changes you can make to lead a less anxious life. Even a cleaner, organized desk at work can help you gain a new mental space. When you don’t have to deal with visual triggers, you can concentrate on what matters most.


2. More Structure Can Lead You to Success

Whether you’re a college student or a full-time employee, it’s essential to organize if you want to succeed. It doesn’t take much work to see a difference. For example, you’ll find that an agenda will help you remember when certain projects are due. As a result, you can deliver your assignments on time — and avoid stress. This same idea applies to many other tactics you can use to stay organized.

Are you currently stressed? Why? You don’t have a binder for your homework, so it’s started to pile up on your desk. You’re overwhelmed because you can’t locate that paper that’s due tomorrow. But if you take 10 minutes to sift through those papers and divide them into folders, you’ll be able to avoid those stressful emotions. You may notice that stress almost always relates to the organization.

You’ll learn various important lessons by practicing organizational strategies. These tips include responsibility, confidence, and more. You can set yourself up for overall success if you spend time organizing your space. Don’t let yourself neglect structured routines.


3. You Become Healthier When You Clean

A bed with clean sheets feels luxurious, but the benefits are more tangible than this. Those who sleep with laundered covers are more likely to enjoy a restful night than others. The same idea applies to other areas at home. When you neglect those dirty dishes, you probably feel a little gross when you walk by them. A clean house evokes a different response. Your space should make you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You may want to exercise more or eat better as a result. You won’t find many fitness fanatics who have messy, unorganized houses. A spotless home avoids forcing your brain to deal with overstimulation. Therefore, you’re more inclined to make better choices for your health. You may fall back on TV binges or comfort food when you choose not to clean your space.

In general, you’ll find that a clean house makes you feel healthier both physically and mentally.


4. You Regain Control You Feel You’ve Lost

Do you feel somewhat helpless when you’re stressed? It’s almost as though you’ve lost control over your life. Those who suffer from similar emotions like anxiety will often try to ground themselves as a way to take action. When you feel nervous or overwhelmed, it’s essential to find a task that helps you feel more authoritative. You may not be able to control a deadline — but you can organize.

Consider how cleaning and organizing make you feel. It takes different repetitive actions to mop, sweep, dust, and fold. You toss or donate old items. This experience can help you regain any control you’ve lost. You decide how you want your space to look and feel. When you’re done, you can marvel at your end product because you took numerous steps to reach that point. It’s all up to you.

Try to clean once a week so you have an outlet for your stress. You’ll notice a change right away.


Stress Always Leads Back to Organization

If you trace your stress back to a certain point, it almost always centers around organizational woes. You can improve your life tenfold if you maintain an organized house and schedule. Look at your current state so you can start improving it. It may take some time, but you’ll be organized and stress-free before you know it.

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