How Safe is it to Travel during Holidays?

Holidays are a perfect time to make merry, travel, and tour the world. It is a season to hold family gatherings and spend quality time with your loved ones- basically to relax and unwind. This is why we look forward to the holidays.

The December holidays are here with us after a long period filled with COVID-19 frustrations and uncertainties. We have witnessed lockdowns, cessations and curfews, massive loss of jobs, and worst of all, infections and deaths due to the CoronaVirus. This means two things: One, it is important that you take a vacation to shed some of the stress that you could have accumulated during the lockdown, and two, you need to be mindful of your health and safety in 2020 and beyond.

Most people are often caught up in the dilemma of whether to travel or not because of the risks involved. But then, you will agree that spending a holiday alone, or indoors, can be stressful and uninspiring. That is why we have discussed the 5 travel risks associated with holidays and how you can keep them at bay.

1. Traffic can be crazy

It is so typical of the holiday season to have very heavy road traffic. This happens in almost all major cities and towns across the world. People spend many hours stuck on the roads and at bus stops scrambling for the most limited available public vehicles and trains.

This situation gives opportunistic criminals a chance to rob and pickpocket stranded tourists. Also, drunk driving is rampant this time of the year which increases road carnage.

Pro Tip:

It would be safer for you if you can drive yourself all through the holiday, as opposed to relying on very unreliable public transportation. If you have traveled beyond your borders, you will need an international driver’s license as a permit to drive in a foreign country. You need to beware of the country’s travel restrictions, and you can take a look at the International Drivers Association’s guidelines on travel restrictions for detailed information.

2. Street fights get on the rise during holidays

Parties and social gatherings are mostly scheduled during holidays. The possible venues for such are hotels and public spaces such as beaches and open fields in cities.  Holiday moods are crazily high and as you would imagine, lockdown and post-lockdown holidays will be worse as people are super excited to release all the stress they’ve accumulated since early 2020.

With drunkards and hangovers, breakouts of quarrels and catfights are bound to happen. You could get injured or arrested if you choose to have unregulated fun. Crowded places are also hotspots for terrorist activities.

Pro Tip:

  • When choosing accommodation, choose the most private places such as a vacation rental. A vacation rental is just like a common home with security gates and perimeter walls and no stranger can access the premises unless you allow them to. If you choose to have a party, you get to regulate how noisy and crazy it can get.
  • Ensure you choose carefully which recreation and social places to visit. If you can avoid moving around during late hours, please do so.

3. Extremely unfavorable weather conditions

If you plan to visit the US for Christmas, for instance, it will be winter already in most parts. You are likely to witness falling snow, heavy rainfall, and hurricanes. When the weather gets too harsh, too much cold could put you at risk of falling sick. It even beats the logic of vacationing since you might be forced to stay at your hotel most of the time.

If you plan on traveling to the Middle East during Ramadan, be cautious of the very hot temperatures in the region. You also need to avoid disrespecting local cultures during the holy month, especially with respect to the dressing rules. Night movements and grouping during Iftar could put you on the wrong side of the law.

Pro Tip:

Consider consulting with a travel company whether your planned destination has a history of catastrophes due to bad weather. Also, be on the lookout for any warnings from meteorologists of your host country to avoid the risk of getting yourself in danger of hurricanes and such.

4. Health risks

Traveling puts you at a higher risk of contracting highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and Tuberculosis due to increased interactions with strangers. Older people and those who are ill, either chronically or terminally, could be vulnerable during holidays when travels are at their peak.

Pro Tip:

The best thing to do is to stay home, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic hanging around. If you must travel, please consider private transport means A private jet to your destination and a private car for your city exploration. Avoiding crowded hotels would help too.

5. The high costs

Traveling is great, very great actually, but it is not cheap. Accommodations and transport costs get crazy during the holidays. Overspending on a holiday with very decreasing incomes, so many upcoming bills to pay, and with the ever-falling economy, needs serious considerations. In regards to financial security, traveling during holidays isn’t safe.

Pro Tip:

Proper planning is very essential when considering taking a vacation. Ensure you choose the most convenient place for you in terms of expenses. If you can avoid a tour guide, do so. Avoid impulse buying.


Yes, traveling could be risky but you can manage by making proper plans, and by taking serious safety precautions. The good things which you will experience by taking that bold step to travel are worth putting in every effort needed to guarantee your safety.

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