How Sex Positivity Helps Women have more Fulfilling Relationships

Despite its numerous health and mental benefits, many negativities surround sex topics such as stigma and shame. Many parents and religious organizations preach abstinence and this has created a challenge for many women to open up sexually.

The truth is that regular sex with your partner has more benefits that extend beyond the little time you spend in the bedroom. Studies found that it boosts the immune system, improves heart health, and many others. Why then should you be beclouded in sex-negativity as a woman?

The sex-positivity movement is helping women to change that. The movement preaches a lot of principles that could help women have more fulfilling relationships. Keep reading for more information.

What is sex positivity?

Except you are consciously working to be sex-positive, you are likely sex-negative due to what society and religious organizations preach. In a simple term sex positivity is when you are not judgmental, respectful, and have a positive attitude towards everything sexuality, including consent, sexual orientation, identity, sex education, style of relationship, body positivity, nudity, and many others.

The truth is that sex positivity seeks to remove shame, stigma, and all forms of reproaches about sex. Some principles of sex-positivity include: communicating your sexual needs with your partner, practicing safe sex, exploring your sexual fantasies, accepting the conscious sexual orientation and consensual sexual behavior of others, and knowing that an individual is capable of pleasuring others.

How does sex positivity help women have more fulfilling relationships?

Among many other things that enhance fulfilling relationships is sex. In recent times, sexual negativity, in some ways, has had negative impacts on relationships. Below are some of how sex positivity could help have a more fulfilling relationship as a woman.

Eradicates struggle

Many women from hard-core Christian homes and strong religious backgrounds struggle with sex and this has consequences on their relationships. This is because they see any talk around sex and sexuality as dirty. Due to the shame and the stigma attached to it.

Sex positivity doesn’t mean that you have to become polyamorous or cheat on your partner. If you want it and it is consensual with your partner, you are free to explore the pleasure. Being sex-positive will help you remove the struggles you have with sex and strengthens your relationship. David Lynn, a sexologist and bondage enthusiast who runs his own BDSM store, weighs in on the subject. David says by experimenting with yourself and not solely with your partner sex toys will also allow you to get a better understanding of what you like, which you can then relay to your partner and have a more mutually fulfilling sex life.

Try something new

After a while of having intercourse with your partner, especially when you repeat the same thing. You will likely feel a bit uninterested in sexual activities. Failure to seek alternatives could affect your relationship with your partner.

Instead of maintaining that sexual position that is no longer fulfilling, you can opt for options. Also, you don’t have to feel that your partner is not man enough when you are no longer satisfied with the sex. After communicating how you feel with your partner, you can go to a local sex shop and get yourself toys without threatening your relationship with your partner.

When you are sex-positive, you will know that sex is an important aspect of the relationship and you will seek to do things that will improve it. For instance, you will be excited by anything your partner wants to try sexually.

Sexual satisfaction

As a woman, you can give pleasure to your partner no matter the gender or sexual orientation. Your body, boobs, vagina, and other parts are capable of pleasing anybody. However, the truth, as a woman, is that not everybody will enjoy sex with you.

If you are not positive about your body, it is unlikely that you enjoy sex and sexually nurture your relationship. When you are sexually positive, you will know that you have a body that can make your partner sexually satisfied. Do not see yourself as incompetent. When you know you have what your partner needs, you are nurturing the relationship.


Being sex-positive is a process that could take time. You should not be harsh on yourself when you are going through the process of unlearning sex negativity.

Viral Rang
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