How Slip and Fall Cases Alter Lives and Must Be Fought with Planning

A slip and fall event or tripping and falling is so sudden, that often people look at them from a hilarious point of view. Many jokes prevail on slips and falls. Videos, funny jokes, real-life incidents, etc. often get circulated to create some humor and laughter among friends and groups too. But while funny elements of humor in such falls are due to slipping or tripping, people forget how serious the consequences of the fall can be. While one is laughing at seeing someone fall, the person who fell may go through a life-changing injury and experience.

The embarrassment, agony, and trauma of falling

If a victim slips and falls in a public place all of a sudden, then before all other things attack the mind, the embarrassment and trauma of the fall are the first things to attack the mind. People reach out for help later, but first, they extract the instant cheap humor out of the suddenness and oddness of the situation, without even realizing what the victim is going through.

And often the victim who is in excruciating pain and shame due to the fall, cannot really digest people’s reactions to the situation. This is the first level of attack on the mind in the form of mental embarrassment and public shame. The physical injury has another critical side which then gives its feel with passing minutes and time.

The life-changing injuries that victims have to endure

The extent of physical injury after a slip and fall varies from person to person. If you have just tripped down and have sprained a leg lightly or just got your clothes soiled or broken a wristwatch or accessory, then it’s still bearable. But if the fall is serious enough to have damaged any of your bones or muscle tissues, and has caused bruises and cuts, internal injuries, or serious breakage of ligament or bone, etc., then this can bring on several consequences.

  • One may get such a head injury that the brain goes damaged in parts forever or for much time, or may send the person to come. And then the person may never be able to return to family and work life as earlier.
  • Serious bone wreckage like the spinal bone hip bone or femur bone, which helps one stand and perform vital functions, can render the person incapable of leading a normal life for the rest of their life.
  • Serious bruises cuts and internal injuries may need immediate and expensive treatment. The victim may not have the necessary funds to take such treatment or may go under financial stress while trying to arrange the funds or pay the medical bills.
  • Some incidents may render the victim incapable of working to earn for a certain period and in some cases for an indefinite period. And some may be too serious to render the person incapable of life.
  • If the person is the sole earning member of the family who got through the slip and fall injury, then the incapability of the person to earn and work, and also the financial stress the victim goes through for the treatment of the injuries can put the entire family in serious trouble.

The challenge involved in winning compensation for the slip and fall case

A party who went through a slip and fall or trip and fall accident may want compensation for one or more of the above reasons. And in that case, the person may contact a slip and fall expert and lawyer. However, fighting a slip and fall case to get compensation is not that easy.

Who exactly was responsible for the slip and fall is a question, finding an answer to which is tricky at times. Often municipalities and governments get involved in such cases, because looking at the case carefully this gets revealed, that the road or track, etc. where the incident happened was not appropriate and safe for walking.

This needlessly tells that only a very well informed attorney, with years of experience in fighting the toughest slip and fall cases, can help you in such a case. Maybe you need someone like Brennan Hershey – a Hershey Law expert to efficiently prove the responsibility of the other party for your consequence.

An expert attorney can help in the court settlement

If you are equipped with a well-experienced attorney for your slip and fall personal injury case, then you stand a chance to get an out-of-the-court settlement. Out of the court, settlements are actually a great solution that saves money and harassment and saves a lot of time too. If the case does not get settled outside and no negotiations are done, then the case gets to the trial, and it may then take several months to get a decision from the court.

However, if your attorney is strong enough with a very good record of winning and settling cases, then you stand a very healthy chance that the party you are fighting against would sit for negotiation and also pay you as much compensation as you need.

Slip and fall cases are tricky and demand enough research and very strong case preparation to prove the responsibility of the convicted for the injury and loss. Hence the backing of a good attorney is the only way you have hope. Therefore, if you really want to get truly good compensation which helps, then you need to make the choice of a lawyer for this very smartly.

Concluding it

Slip and fall cases are some of the most complex types of personal injury cases. Hence not just a personal injury lawyer, but one with particular experience in slip and fall cases is a must for you. And if you are the victim, you must fight for your rights.

A fall can change many things for you, and if you are missing so much from your life for that one incident, you need to be compensated at least to help in your fight to make life better.

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