How to Achieve True Skater Style

Skater clothing has been characterized by laziness, baggy shorts, or simply a look requiring minimal effort. Even celebrities and fashion designers use the elements of this style in their work. It’s safe to say that this sport has infiltrated the world of fashion in varying degrees.

People have finally realized that dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you have to look unfashionable. In fact, using the elements of the skater style could give you both an organized yet laid back look at the same time.

How to Achieve True Skater Style

When did this style begin, and how do you incorporate it into your everyday look? Read on to know more.

The Progress of Skater Style

Skateboarding first saw great success as a sport from the late 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s, with the popularity of Tony Hawk, that skateboarding hit the mainstream. It is for this reason that the skater style is still deeply rooted in the fashion choices that gained popularity shortly before the turn of the century.

Skater style, in a nutshell, aims to be both comfortable and functional with a traditional color palette of neutral, earthy colors. As times changed and fashion collided with sportswear though, colors become brighter, designs were bolder, and a new palette was born.

The first port of call for any skater is their shoes, and it is here that the duality in purpose is evident. Skater shoes are predominantly made up of a collection of low-rise sneakers with very thick rubber soles that allow skaters to rest on a shock-absorbent platform while on a skateboard. Shoes like these then, cannot get away with style over substance and are usually high-quality. Famous skating brands managed to marry aesthetics with functionality and create an entirely new sector of footwear.

The hoodie is another essential in the wardrobe of a skater and offers some extra protection for those inevitable scrapes and tumbles. Skaters broke all the rules and began wearing hoodies; however, they felt like expressing themselves, whether that was with shorts or undercoats.

Dressing as a Skater

The most basic skating wear these days, because of its appeal to the fashion world and much to the dismay of real skaters, are branded t-shirts with oversized logos. Brands like Thrasher clothing with its bright logo in flames are a popular choice amongst skateboarding diehards and celebrities alike. These t-shirts can be oversized or fitted and also come in a wide range of colors and styles.

When thinking of boosting your wardrobe with some elements of skater style, consider giving online retailers such as Empire Skate a browse. Whether it’s Thrasher clothing, shoes, or even socks you’re after, online stores such as these often have a comprehensive catalog of options to choose from. They also take half of the work out of a job for most people by keeping their fingers on the pulse and updating their catalog according to new stock.


Whether you’re a skating stalwart or even trying out a new look, consider giving skater style a try. The timeless appeal has lasted for decades and sure looks a lot more comfortable than most high-end fashion.

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