March 2, 2021

Ryan Pell


How to Adapt Your Social Media Strategy for a Post-Pandemic World

Social media strategy is the action plan that marketing managers or social media managers change according to the context of marketing campaigns or the tools. The post-pandemic world transformed the way we interact with marketing campaigns and social media.

Users finally had time to test all the newly added features of TikTok, Instagram. Some of the new players appeared as well – Clubhouse. The question of how to adapt social media strategy for a post-pandemic world is still actual.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how to do so!


Carefully Pick the Platforms for Your Brand

The platform you choose to promote your brand impacts the users’ perfection of your brand. LinkedIn is a business social media network, and it will not be appropriate to post their kitties or pranks on how to learn Russian.

TikTok is a platform for young influencers that got to the market not so long ago. The audience of TikTok is very young – 60% of the people there are younger than 30 y.o. Consider this when you promote your brand or a product because it’s crucial for budgeting. No one likes wasting money, right?


Try New Social Media Formats

It is necessary to try new formats. Why? You never know how effective or not the formatting will perform at this or that platform.

There are some new features in TikTok (TikTok for Business), Instagram (Reels), and Facebook’s gift cards.

Use these tools to create a strong connection with your customers, and they will associate the format with the brand that uses it the most. Do not be afraid to implement new feature identification and creation of the content in your marketing strategy. Look for trendy formats and platforms to use!


Start Working With Influencers

Post pandemic world decreased the amount of traffic and budgets that used to flow to offline activities. It is the right time to pick up the influencers who can deliver the brand message to end-users.

Consider the thing that influencers are not cheap and do some background checks before working with anybody.

Relationship building with influencers should be a task of social media managers who are responsible for allocating the campaign’s budgets. You can reach a mutually beneficial partnership by making weekly calls and discussing the product and the message delivery.


Turn to Agile Social Media Management

Applying agile social media management is an adequate response to the changing landscape of social media. Business owners need to understand that now their teems have to perform quickly and consistently.

Online virality is the thing that all social media managers, trying to achieve. Working in synergy with the team can help with that: make a strategy based on the market research, do some trends watching, create content. More and more content. Do not forget that not every post you make will go viral, so be patient and use agile.


Pay More to Your Social Marketing Manager

The average salary of social media manager is less than an average salary of a copywriter. The problem is that social media managers do most of the work on their own: they do design, copywriting, sometimes even manage targeted ads.

Balancing this inequity could help the market growth, and social media managers will be more satisfied with their work and compensation. It will have a positive impact on your brand. Satisfaction causes creativity, new energy, and better results. The engagement will grow proportionally to the salary you offer to the manager.


Be More Creative in Your Performance

Creativity is something that we all look for: in ads, in work, and in life. The brands that want to get clients and make their LTV long enough have to be creative. Creative content can relate to anything: from COVID-19 to the inauguration of the President.

One more important thing to mention is that you have to be consistent in your creativity. You have to choose a style or a particular topic. Be an expert in the industry and produce opinion, engagement, and satisfaction for your users.

Do not exaggerate the topic of COVID-19 – everyone is very tired of it. Balance it with something fresh, but do not forget the realities we live.


Bottom Line

There you are! Follow the tips we described for you to adapt your social media marketing strategy to the post-COVID-19 market. Make sure you implement the plan to the platforms that will perform adequately within this action plan.

Do not forget to share the tips with your colleagues in social marketing and discuss the latest trends in the Clubhouse room.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes at the beginning of strategy implementation. Practice and learn more about the trends, competitors, hacks, and features to improve your social media marketing campaigns!

Ryan Pell

About the author

Ryan is a passionate writer who likes sharing his thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, he works as a content editor and internet researcher, you can check his website. He likes everything related to traveling and new countries.


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