How To Analyze Soccer Result For A Winning Bet

The correct game of sports betting implies a thorough analysis of the situation in the sports and betting market. You need to know who to bet on, their previous soccer result, how and when to bet, have an idea of ​​existing strategies and bookmakers. For example, almost every person has a favorite sport.

People watch competitions, cheer for their favorite teams, scroll through the possible outcomes of fights. If you regularly watch TV broadcasts, analyze what is happening on the sports ground, get the data from football statistics services, and draw conclusions, you can make good money on bets.

In many matches and competitions, the outsider and the favorite are known in advance. One team has a better chance of winning than the other. Less common are situations where teams have equal chances. A lot of small factors can affect the soccer results:

  • the condition of the grass on the field;
  • the rain that came the day before;
  • scandals and investigations involving athletes or coaches;
  • sudden injuries and substitutions!

An important factor is whether the match is an away match for a team, or takes place at a home stadium, where the players know every millimeter.


La Liga standings statistics and betting odds

Let’s review for an example Spanish La Liga championship. The main contender for the victory of this season, according to the largest online bookmakers, is Real Madrid, for the victory of Real in 2020/2021 bookmakers offer the lowest odds of 1.73. Besides Real Madrid, bookies were predicting great chances for Barcelona, with the coefficient for the most titled Spanish team is 2.40. But it has dropped in the La Liga standings to 8th place, which does not correspond to the fourth most valuable team in the world.

Statistics provide us with different performance percentages, such as ball possession and attacks. Based on this and comparing these indicators of each of the two future opponents outside the La Liga standings, for example, Cadiz x Real Sociedad, we can make our own assumptions, for example, an analysis of the attacking tactics of the team with the lower result in the season. We may think that it is very likely that at least one team will not score, and we can expect a match with a small number of goals, that is, a bet on less than 2.5.

Finally, the last figure to take into consideration before betting on La Liga is that in Spain more than in other national footballs, the teams often depend on their strikers. If we count only last season, 21 have reached or exceeded the threshold of 10 goals scored in the league.

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