How to Best Utilize Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix is probably a favorite of yours if you enjoy good, old-fashioned entertainment. Over 183 million paying members from nearly every country in the world use Netflix, making it the world’s largest streaming service by far.

While Netflix’s popularity is due to its extensive catalog, which includes a growing library of original programming available nowhere else, it’s also due to its growing library of original programming. 

A large part of Netflix’s success comes from its user-friendliness. With Netflix, you can watch whatever you want on just about any platform and enhance your Netflix library and experience by changing Netflix region.

This list of tips and tricks will help you master Netflix if you’re a subscriber looking to take your streaming experience to the next level.

Best Utilization of your Netflix Subscription

1. Get the right tier subscription package

Making sure you have the right Netflix subscription tier is crucial. Three streaming-only packages are available, each with a different price and feature set:

Basic: $7.99/month for standard definition streaming on 1 device at a time

Standard: $9.99/month for high-definition streaming on 2 devices.

Premium: $11.99/month for ultra-high-definition streaming up to 4 devices.

So, depending on how many people will be using the account at the same time, and what kind of picture you want to receive, you should choose a tier. So if you live alone and only stream on one device, you can save money by going with the basic plan instead. On the other hand, you’ll need to upgrade to the standard tier for better picture quality.

It’s tempting to go with the premium package if you have a big family. The number of simultaneous streams is based on the package. You could still get away with paying the standard tier, provided only two people are playing in your family stream at the same time. Everyone in your family may not need to watch a show at the same time.

2. Consider sharing an account

To save money on a Netflix subscription, consider not paying for it all yourself. A friend or family member can share an account with you and still have full access to the service. You can even watch Netflix at the same time if you have the standard or premium package.

Do you feel bad and guilty for taking advantage of the system? You shouldn’t, it seems. Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, has publicly stated that he does not see any problems with sharing accounts with friends. It’s possible to split a package and save $5 or $6 per month by doing so

3. Keep up with new releases

Netflix’s content is constantly changing, which can make it difficult to keep up with the latest releases and releases. If you rent a show or movie from Amazon or another service, you may discover that it is already available on Netflix.

Consider finding a better way to stay informed about new and upcoming content. It is possible to subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list that will send you these updates directly to your inbox. There is no need to search for the latest updates every time you want to watch a film.

4. Cancel during periods of inactivity

Temporary cancellation of your Netflix subscription is possible if you are not a regular user of Netflix or do not feel that your subscription is worth it. In your account settings, you’ll find a cancel button that you can click on. Since there is no contract, there is no penalty for not following through. 

As long as the billing cycle hasn’t ended, you’ll still have access to the service. You can reactivate at any time without paying a fee.

5. Leverage the new download feature on the road

Netflix’s addition of the capability to download directly to your devices its streaming content was a game-changer. It’s common for people to miss Netflix while traveling or away from home. A show or movie can now be downloaded to watch at any time. Rent or other fees in airports or hotels will be waived, and you won’t have to rely on data streaming when you’re away from home.

6. Adjust your data settings to save cell data

In the event that you do decide to stream Netflix on your phone using data, make sure to do so in a smart way. When streaming standard definition video for an hour, Netflix estimates that it will consume 1 GB of data, while streaming HD video will consume 3 GB per hour. As your data allowance is depleted, you may be hit with hefty overage fees.

You can reduce the amount of data Netflix uses by adjusting your playback settings, which Netflix makes easy. A huge bill at the end of the month is much less likely to happen as a result.

7. Consider leveraging new offers, such as Binge On from T-Mobile

Using T-Binge Mobile’s On the app you can stream video from select services without using up any of your data allowances. Those who sign up for one of these plans on T-Mobile will be able to stream as much Netflix content as they want from anywhere there is cellular service.

It’s important to note that this only applies to mobile devices. In order to use the app as a streaming device, you’ll need a traditional Wi-Fi connection. On the other hand, it’s a great way to listen to music on the road.

8. Don’t forget the original Netflix DVD service

We all remember the early days of Netflix when you had to pay a monthly fee for a DVD subscription. Fortunately, it’s still around, and you can add it to your existing streaming service. It costs about $8 per month for Netflix’s standard DVD plan, and you can order as many DVDs as you want, one at a time.

Just buying or renting two new movies each month will save you a lot of money. An on-demand video rental on Google or Amazon is usually $4 or $5, so this will be significant savings. Plus, the DVD library is huge, so you’ll have a lot more to choose from than you would with other services’ streaming libraries (or even Redbox).

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