How to Bet on eSports – Guide to Understanding the Modality

eSports are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Something impressive.

Mainly because of the values ​​involved – although this type of modality is not attractive only for the financial issue. It stirs the passion of teenagers and young adults for electronic games.

This causes an increase in the number of eSports fans every day. Which, of course, catches the attention of bookmakers. Today most bookmakers offer bets on eSports tournaments.

But do you know how to bet on a sport as different as this?

What are eSports?

First, we need to understand what eSports are. They are computer or console games, which involve teams of professional players. However, not every electronic game can be considered an eSport. The game must allow competition between teams, always having a winner at the end of a match.

With that in mind, we could divide eSports into 7 main types:

First Person Shooter (FPS)
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
Fighting Games
Battle Royale
Virtual Sports

The above categories are dominated by some games. They have regional, national, and international tournaments every year. These tournaments are broadcast live on the internet, on Twitch, and even on ESPN, because of their popularity.

ESports Betting Markets

As we saw above, there are 7 types of eSports today. Even though they are all popular, only a few are covered by bookmakers. FPSs, MOBAs, RTSs, and Battle Royale are the ones you will find most on the bookmakers’ websites. Now you must be wondering how to bet on this model.

This type of doubt is normal. ESports are very different from other sports, such as Football, Tennis, or Ice Hockey. Even on the rise, its scoring rules, for example, are still a little confusing for laypeople. So we point out the 4 main markets of the modality so you have a base from which to start.

1- Moneyline

Moneyline is the simplest market out there. It is choosing the winner of a match. In eSports, this is as basic as choosing the winner of a Basketball or Volleyball game. Odds work the same as they would if they were in another mode. The lower the odds, the greater the likelihood that the team holding the odds will win the match.

2. Totals

Betting on Totals in the eSports modality is another good possibility. In Football, it would be the same as betting on the Total Goals of a match. In games like League of Legends or Dota 2, it refers to the number of deaths that will occur in a confrontation. Interested?

In CS: GO, we would be talking about the number of rounds that a match will have. Not all bookmakers offer this market. We can say that bookmakers are gradually adopting it. This is because most bettors still find it more advantageous, in the case of eSports, at least, to bet on Moneyline.

3- Handicap

Handicap also exists in eSports. It works in the same way that it would work in any other modality. What changes is the object of disadvantage or advantage? This will be different from game to game.

4. Proposition Bet

The term Proposition Bet means a more in-depth type of bet in eSports. This is where professional punters are usually. In Prop Bets, you bet on who will score the most points in a round or in the Handicap on a map, for example.

But let’s go to CS: GO. In this game, there are 3 Maps. The team that reaches 16 rounds first in 2 of the Maps wins. In that case, you can bet that Team 1 will win Maps 1 and 2. What happens on Map 3 is not your concern.

We hope this guide will be useful.

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