How to Boost Employees Energy Levels at Work

When your smartphone runs out of power, you know that it’s time to plug in a charger. The question is, “What happens when you run out of energy while at work?” The truth is that when you lack energy, as an employee, you can zip quickly down the road to burnout. Burnout is what results in absenteeism and hence a reduction in productivity and innovation.

Not long ago, the American Psychological Association estimated that businesses in the US lose not less than $300 billion when employees reach their breaking point.

So, it’s your responsibility, as an employee, to boost your employees’ energy levels. In this article, I will discuss ways to increase your team’s energy levels. Please continue reading to understand how easy it is.

Allow flexible working hours

How many hours should your employees work on a given day? It’s not advisable to overwork them. As a business owner, it will help much if you create flexible working hours for your business. The average work time frame is usually six to eight hours in a day.

If your business runs on a 24-hour basis, you can start by creating different shifts to match the team. For example, there are those employees who are usually active during the morning hours, while there are those who prefer to work overnight.

You should, therefore, liaise with every member of the team to find a timeline that they are comfortable with. By so doing, you ensure that every team member delivers his or her very best. Besides, allowing flexible working hours ensures that your employees get time to attend to other things, such as family.

Always be there for your employees

Tragedies, for example, come when you least expect them. Say, for instance, that losing a family member is usually a painful ordeal. There is the pain and hurt that comes with losing someone you care about. The event can mess with your energy levels. You may not be in a position to focus entirely on the work issued. It’s for such reasons that employers are often advised to be always there for their staff.

If an employee has an incident that may put his or her mind off work, having them take a break is highly recommended. You can also go ahead and offer financial support if needed. By so doing, you help the affected individual resume work fresh and hence increase productivity.

Be a good listener

Employees are an essential part of every business. They are responsible for the day in day out operations, and hence the success. It’s, therefore, your duty, as the business owner, to make them feel as part and person of the business. By so doing, you help them become extra productive. When buying new office furniture or uniforms, for example, be sure to involve them in the process.

By so doing, you ensure that you invest in what they are comfortable working with. Within no time, you will realize how important this tip is for your business. Also, take your time to listen when one of the employees raises a complaint. By being a good listener, you help resolve the issue at hand, while improving your venture.

Be a good listener

Stock your office’s fridge with healthy and energizing food

Food is a perfect source of energy that your employees need to keep pushing forward. Here, we are talking about a trail mix of quality food, yogurt, and fresh fruits. If you aren’t operating on a tight budget, you can make these meals available for your employees for free. Giving free meals to your employees helps encourage them to take a break at least, and hence charge up for the next session.

Also, having coffee in the office is recommended to help re-energize. Sometime back, a report by the National Coffee Association revealed that about 83% of Americans take coffee. Therefore, adding coffee to your office or meetings should be included in your bucket list.

With coffee around, your team will be well-positioned to deliver excellent work. If coffee work tends to be tiring, you can consider getting top of the line service from a reputable coffee dealer.

Coffee service providers can help you get coffee brewing equipment. Besides, they can help avail of the many coffee options available in the market. Therefore, whether you are considering K-cup pods, locally roasted coffee, or espresso, among many other options, you will always find an option that suits your team.

The fantastic thing about having a specialist do the job is that you get quality coffee while you focus on your business.

Show gratitude

How many times do you tell your employees to ‘thank you’ for a job well done? The high chances are that you rarely do so. Many employers assume that employees are paid to work, and hence a ‘thank you’ isn’t necessary.

It would be best if you practiced saying ‘thank you’ now and then as this helps boost the employees’ morale at work. By so doing, you help employees realize that you appreciate their work. You can consider adding a tip to the excellent work done if the budget allows.

A vacation

Like you, your employees do need to wind up as well, after a long period of working hard. How about you throw a vacation for them, once in a while? This may sound like an expensive ordeal, but it’s a deal worth the chase. Let your employees know that you value their presence by paying for their trips once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a faraway country.

You can consider local traveling if you are running on a tight budget. Vacations help one relax while strategizing your way ahead. By so doing, your employees will resume work happy and fresh to deliver the kind of work you need to succeed. 

Opening a business is one thing, and taking it from scratch to levels higher is another. Succeeding in the field asks for employees’ motivation. This article is for you if you are looking for ideas on how you can increase your team’s energy levels.

It highlights the top and easy ways you can boost their energy at the workplace. Some of the ideas ask for investment, while others are free. Read through the piece to understand the concept you should incorporate into your line of business. 

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