How to Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook and Gain Visibility

Organic reach is starting to face a decline ever since there has been an upsurge in paid marketing campaigns. Now the core sources of gaining visibility are relying on paid adverts and the shift has worried several brand owners worldwide. However, Facebook is one such social platform that too jumped on to the paid marketing bandwagon but never implied that organic reach would become outdated.

Organic Reach on Facebook

Marketers just have to change their tactics and equip new strategies rather than following concurrent trends. Solely for that reason, we have jotted down a detailed outlook on how your Facebook organic reach will never hit zero.

Facebook Live is increasing user engagement

Introduced in 2016, Facebook Live was meant to help business pages, in particular. Soon live videos started to change the face of branding. Currently, customers prefer content where they can connect to businesses on an emotional level. For that, brand culture videos started to emerge. The videos allowed customers to build an association with the relevant brands they considered reliable. How exactly did they judge their authenticity? Through building an intricately human connection with brands.

Facebook Live has proven to generate higher levels of engagement. We have the stats for a credible justification. An approximate 3.5 billion live video content was broadcasted on Facebook through which $50 million revenue was earned. No wonder live streaming has become so popular worldwide.

Facebook is also prioritizing live videos. Whenever a page you are following starts a live video, you are notified. Thanks to the push notification features, brands using live videos faced an upsurge in user engagement.

Facebook Live won’t cost you anything though rather your social visibility will boost, in turn, enhance user engagement and viewership. Of course, paid adverts give you quick results and have their own set of benefits but those resorting to organic reach can fully leverage the power of Facebook Live. For a seamless live streaming experience, consider reviewing your internet connectivity or you will lose view count if your Livestream keeps buffering.

Video is meant to engage your audience

We cannot deny the decline in Facebook’s organic reach. To some brands, even live videos are not generating the results they were expecting. The only solution is to bring a change to your marketing strategy.

What’s one engaging medium you can market without having to invest anything? Video. All you have to do is share video content natively across your Facebook profile and pages and soon promising results will surface. Why? Since, when visual, textual and video content was compared, the video ended up winning. The results have been justified by the calculated increment of 300% in traffic through video marketing across varying social media channels.

As for Facebook, in 2016 alone 100 million hours of video content was watched every day. The numbers justify it to be a massive upsurge in both engagement and viewership, that too without investing anything into it.

Quality will always prevail

The race to win between brands depends upon content. Brands are aiming to produce heaps of content thinking it might help them gain recognition but they are mistaken. In the process of doing so, they forget one integral part of their strategy which is content quality.

Spamming random content pieces on Google is a futile approach. The Google algorithm has changed a good deal. Now getting rid of spam links, poor content quality, plagiarized and paraphrased content solely for link building is easily detected and removed.

The same applies to Facebook. Spamming links and content on your brand page won’t do you any good. Instead, you have to carefully analyze and strategize accordingly. Your strategy shall include what your audience wants to view the most. Once you jot down audience preferences according to their interests and demographics then that is when you are paying the most attention to content quality, not quantity.

Facebook is already a social media behemoth with over 60 million business pages on the platform already. You would have to come up with unique and compelling ideas to be visible amongst the competition. Buzzsumo has curated an extensive report on why quality content will prevail across Facebook.

Competitor analysis and study

Another probable way to outweigh competition is to follow and implement the strategies they tend to be lacking in. While knowing the ins and outs of your performance as a brand on Facebook does matter but solely fixating on your brand’s performance will not help you get ahead either.

Your competitors are likely to introduce a new product or an innovative marketing campaign when you are least expecting it. They will get ahead and your progress will remain stagnant. The solution being? You have to bring a balance between competitors’ analysis and your brand.

We shall further explain how you should find a middle ground. Facebook has a Page Management feature for pages. That’s where you can add pages to monitor in a list and get a detailed view of each page and its performance. The feature makes quick monitoring possible and you get an overview of the type of content your competitors share, how they engage with customers, and their shortcomings. The next time you run a paid or organic campaign, you will not lack where they did.

To conclude

With the emergence of paid adverts and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, both brand owners and social media platforms are moving toward mediums that generate quick and reliable results. While organic search might be slow at generating results, it is an integral part of search engines and social media channels as it helps gain visibility in the long run.

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