How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Building confidence and improving self-worth is something we all strive for, as not only does it help us to feel better about ourselves, but it also allows us to become healthier, more balanced, and more successful individuals. However, boosting our self-esteem can turn out to be quite a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when it’s already low, to begin with.

That being said, improving self-confidence is certainly not impossible, as long as we approach it thoughtfully and intentionally. So, here are some ways you could boost your confidence whenever it’s at a low:

Focus on correct positive affirmations

While positive affirmations like “I’m going to achieve all my goals” might be popular, they have one important drawback – the fact that they make people with poor self-esteem feel even worse about themselves, as it leads them to doubt their abilities. Ironically, such powerful statements only work for people whose confidence is already high.

If you want to practice positive affirmations when you’re feeling down, you need to change these statements into something more objective and believable. For instance, start saying “I’m going to be focused and persistent until I achieve a goal” and see your mindset change for the better in an instant.

Confront yourself in the mirror

Stand in front of a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and honestly express your true thoughts and emotions. This can be an efficient way of discovering any underlying fears and anxieties you might have, ultimately allowing you to find the best way of approaching them.

Similarly, if your self-esteem issues stem from a negative body image, try examining your reflection in a kind and objective manner, by simply commenting on the positive things you notice. This exercise will allow you to see yourself in a new light, thus helping to build self-love and boost your confidence.

Get to know your body intimately

Apart from examining your body superficially when looking in the mirror, it might also be a good idea to explore it in a deeper, more intimate manner as well. When you get more familiar with every inch of your body, and once you learn what it truly likes and enjoys, you will be able to understand your body’s wants and needs more clearly, ultimately building self-confidence and a healthier body image.

That is why you might want to consider buying some stimulating sex toys online which will allow you to get familiar with your body and the ways it experiences pleasure, thus being able to cherish its beauty in a new, enlightening way.

Aim to affirm your true worth

Whenever a situation has caused you to question your worth, practice this exercise to boost your self-esteem. Start by writing down positive and meaningful qualities you have, which relate to the situation. For instance, if you didn’t get the job you wanted, think of all the reasons why you might be a good and valued employee, whether you’re hardworking, responsible, or a great team player.

Then, select one or two qualities you’ve listed, and write a short essay on why other people might like and appreciate these aspects of your character. This is a great way of viewing any negative situation from a more objective angle, allowing you to build confidence instead of putting yourself down.

Exchange critical thoughts with compassion

Exchange critical thoughts with compassion

When our self-confidence is at a low, we, unfortunately, tend to diminish it even further by being too critical of our attributes and our actions. However, instead of criticizing, we need to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves, if we wish to successfully build our confidence.

So, the next time your negative thoughts lead you to become overly critical, think about the exact thing you would tell a close friend if they were in the same situation. Then, repeat those same encouraging comments to yourself. This exercise will help you practice self-compassion in moments of doubt while allowing you to enhance your self-confidence, rather than damage it with negative thoughts.

Boosting your self-confidence always requires some time and a lot of effort, as it entails developing and nurturing habits that are healthier and more optimistic. However, by practicing these positive habits regularly, you will finally be able to improve your self-esteem and self-assurance.

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