How to Bring Your Clinic into the Modern World

The rise and commodification of technology, especially in the healthcare industry, raised baseline expectations of what decent healthcare looks like. As a result, not entering the modern era by incorporating technology into your clinic might end up costing you more than it’s saving.

As a clinic owner, you should always strive to improve the quality of care you provide your patients, including offering them an environment they can trust, such as utilizing technological advancements aside from having a good business plan for your dental practice. Not adapting won’t only cost you prospecting patients who prefer technologically advanced clinics but also your current patients. There are several ways to start modernizing now.

Start Blogging

Blogging is a form of marketing that isn’t new to the healthcare industry, but it’s become more important than ever thanks to the internet. Blogging about relevant topics can attract your ideal patients. Blogging is an informal and informative marketing strategy. It lets your readers feel a personal connection to your clinic, making them trust you as a healthcare expert over your competitors.

Blogs are published online, meaning patients can share blog posts they find help with their family and friends and even interact with other patients in the comments section. This could potentially bring in new clients. You can also use blogging as a direct advertising method by writing about new services your clinic offers, how they work, and why they improve your patients’ health.

Utilize EHR Software

EHR software stands for Electronic Healthcare Records software. It’s an essential type of software, especially now that most insurance providers and hospitals rely on digital healthcare records instead of physical ones.

However, as an investment, you shouldn’t purchase just any EHR software you come across. Instead, look for quality services, like NextGen EHR software, that will reflect positively on your clinic.

What is NextGen software? NextGen software is an advanced EHR software that helps you organize patient records in-clinic, import them directly from other healthcare providers, and share them with specialized healthcare providers as needed without worrying about unsafe document transportation.

EHR software makes processes more efficient for your clinic and patients. With all healthcare records stored digitally in a single location, you don’t have to worry about losing information.

TeleHealth Services

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is a healthcare service where patients can communicate with their physicians electronically. It allows for easy, long-distance communication between patients and healthcare providers to seek medical advice or get a diagnosis.

Telehealth allows people who don’t have time for an in-person doctor visit and individuals who can’t leave their homes, such as the elderly, chronically ill, or the disabled, to reach out to their healthcare provider about medical assistance.

However, implementing telehealth isn’t as simple as providing a phone number for patients to contact your clinic. You should have a complete communication system that allows patients to book appointments and then talk to you over a video feed, all while keeping the communication secure according to HIPAA regulations.

Get on Social Media

Social media occupies the same place of technological integration as blogging. By creating official social media accounts for your clinic or private practice, you’re able to reach more patients. You can also advertise your service online with ease and interact with your current and potential patients one-on-one on the social media platform, answering their questions and building trust.

Additionally, social media allows you to spread healthcare-related information quickly. You can remind people to take their flu shot or how to take care of the elderly during a heatwave. You can also inform followers of any closures or holidays when your clinic might shut down.

Implement the Latest Technologies

The type of technologies and gadgets you implement varies drastically depending on the medical services you offer. For example, if you’re a pediatrician or work regularly with kids, it’s best to have non-graphic images that help kids understand what’s going on without scaring them.

Also, if you run an outpatient surgery clinic, consider investing in image-guided surgery or augmented reality. In general, you always need your patients to understand their current condition and diagnosis. The best way to do so is by implementing diagnostic systems that use 3D imagery and animated graphics to explain procedures.

Don’t Overdo It

Just because technology is important for patient comfort in your clinic doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Before investing in new software, look at your patient demographic and community and whether they’re comfortable with modern technology playing a big part in their healthcare. When you implement new systems, start slow, ensuring both your patients and staff get used to the change and make the most of it.

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