How To Build A Finnish Sauna In Just Two Days

The sauna is a staple of Finnish culture, due to its long history and its versatility.

Although the weather is certainly a factor, the sauna is popular in the Finnish summer as well, indicating that year-round use is common as an integrated weekly routine. Not only the heat, but the cleanliness of the sauna appeals to people from all over the world, and the verdant forests of Finland provide plenty of building and burning material.

But it is not just weather conditions that a sauna helps to alleviate. Saunas are very good for your health. With a little bit of work, you can add a sauna made out of sauna cedar materials to your backyard in just a few days’ time, and enjoy all the relaxation and health benefits they offer.

Saunas Benefit You and Your Home

According to medical research, “sauna bathing” offers many health benefits including detoxification, weight loss, pain, and lung congestion reduction, increased metabolism and immunity, improved blood circulation and cardiovascular function, better respiratory function, skin rejuvenation, stress management, and relaxation.

Five-star hotels and serviced residences might offer saunas as an amenity. Rest assured, once you try a sauna, you will easily understand why they are so important to your physical and mental well-being.

As the sauna custom spreads to other parts of the world, they may be found in gyms, sports clubs, and spas. Some doctors, like chiropractors and naturopaths, incorporate saunas into their treatments as well.

The high heat of the sauna causes the body to release endorphins, making you feel happy, which is always a pleasant outcome. Most people would love to have a sauna, but they think it will take a long time to build, or be a big hit to their finances.

If you want to have your own sauna, let’s take a look at how you can do it quickly, and with a reasonable budget. Your goal should be a sauna that works for your needs and budget and also adds quality of life to your home.

How to: Build Your Sauna Quickly

Build Your Sauna Quickly
Photo credit: BZB Cabins & Outdoors

The best way to install a sauna quickly is by using a prefabricated kit. Instead of building the structure up from a slab and raw wood, you can take advantage of prefab buildings that can be assembled in a day or two wherever you choose.

Rather than being viewed as a luxury, the sauna really should be seen as essential. Although it can be tricky to incorporate a sauna into a pre-existing space or house, there is another option. Believe it or not, a Finnish sauna can be built with a prefab kit, and you can enjoy all the benefits in a few days.

There are different companies offering prefab sauna kits, so research is necessary. Even though it is easy to build a backyard sauna, there are details to determine, from shape and size to foundation and walls. There are loads of options, and every home will have different needs.

Using a prefab design doesn’t mean making compromises to features, or quality. In fact, your new sauna will be crafted by professionals who know the design and have loads of experience building the models that you can choose from.

Loads of Options

In addition to wood-burning prefab saunas, there are electric ones. Electrical saunas have the perks of being efficient, easy, and perhaps safer, with the heater mounted on either the floor or the wall.

There is no compromise on quality with a prefab sauna. In fact, you are probably less likely to deal with unforeseen design oversights when using a prefab design, as it has been tested extensively by the manufacturer.

You can be sure that the stove that is recommended for the sauna model you select will be sufficient to heat it, and that it is also a safe option for the structure. Custom saunas not only take more time, but they are also more difficult to fine-tune as they are being built.

Attainable For Most Homes

It initially may seem overwhelming to choose all of the features, but it is necessary in order to have a sauna that suits you and its space. For this reason, most companies have a wide range of options to fit all budgets, which is truly the most important factor. Rest assured that there is a sauna for every budget.

One of the companies that specialize in DIY saunas is BZB Cabins, which has an impressive array of solid wood saunas and sauna accessories. Established in 2013, BZB Cabins provides the best products at the best price through working individually with each customer.

Employing specialists with great product knowledge, they are available 24/7 not only to help you choose your sauna but also to help with assembling questions. Arriving in a truly compact form, it is amazing to see that flat-box results in a beautiful pure wood structure that enhances your backyard and your health.

Have a Look at What BZB Cabins Has to Offer

outdoors cabins
Photo credit: BZB Cabins & Outdoors

As appreciators of the great outdoors, BZB cabins take DIY to a higher level.

From one and two-room saunas to barrel and igloo shapes and lockable doors, BZB helps you to create quickly and efficiently a unique personal sauna that will have you well on your way to improved health and better sleep.

In addition to a wide range of prefab sauna kits, BZB also offers professionals that will assemble the sauna kit quickly, and at a reasonable price. Please have a look at the BZB website as you are doing your research, as the models offer a range of options, and at great prices.

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