How To Buy Mattress Adelaide Online?

Purchasing a new mattress is an important decision. You have spent most of your life on it. Recently the explosion of online mattress companies has made it easy to get a new mattress. Online mattress brands provide a range of mattress types, without any salesperson and costly retail markup. The companies have made their mark in the industry with personalized customer service, a transparent purchasing process, and a trial period of a hundred days or more. Above all, the rates of customer satisfaction for retail and online mattresses are nearly similar.

 You should know everything about how to buy mattress Adelaide online from the best companies like Metia and the benefits of purchasing online:


What To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Mattress Online?

Before you buy a new bed online make a note of the trial period, the delivery fees, and return, the warranty, and the extra charges.

  • Trial Periods – The trial period lets you sleep on the new mattress, for a certain time period at least for a hundred days. In that time frame, you may return the mattress for a full refund. The length of the sleep trial is to be noted and whether it is applied also if you buy through a reseller rather than directly from the website.
  • Return or Delivery Fee – Online mattresses do not have a return or delivery fee but it is better to double-check. What delivery terms should also be checked? When the mattress arrives, Will, you be able to carry it up the stairs?
  • Warranty Coverage – You should be sure that you have understood the warranty coverage. What is covered and what is not and for how long? You will never want to end up voiding the warranty because you used the wrong kind of platform for the mattress.
  • Additional Costs – Additional charges may include a disposal fee to get rid of the old mattress.


Benefits Of Purchasing A Mattress Online

It’s Less Costly – Because they do not deal with the cost of overhead or paying out sales commission, online mattresses are 25 to 50% cheaper than purchasing the same mattress from a store. A number of online mattress companies make the deal sweet by not adding sales tax and providing free delivery and returns.

It Is Easy – If you’ll like the convenience of online shopping for different products, you will enjoy it the same when you shop for a new mattress. This allows you to compare pricing against different models without having a salesman troubling you. Also, you can shop whenever and wherever you wish, while a retail store will not be open at 3:00 a.m. and is not accessible from a couch. In terms of delivery, mattress stores coordinate a delivery window which interferes with your day and it may be frustrating. Some online companies on the other hand offer full-service in-home delivery. The majority of them drop the mattress off in a box or tube for you to take it into your home at your own convenience.



Most of the mattress stores provide a trial period of 30 days. In this period you can get a feel of the mattress in the store, so it ends up depending on whether it feels good for you to sleep overnight at home. Online mattress companies know that people won’t be able to buy before they try, so they provide generous trial periods of a hundred days or more. Along with the trial period, online companies provide free returns and free delivery.

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