How To Buy The Most Comfortable Chair Recliners?

You might have an idea about what the right recliner should be. You might even want to come back from work and simply sink into the chair recliners and enjoy the coziness and warmth that will eliminate all your worries.

Most of us would love to lie comfortably on our chair recliners while watching TV or reading a novel with a bag of chips or fries.

However, you may not do it on a cloth chair because it can easily get dirty. Moreover, cloth chairs do not feel as comfortable as leather chair recliners do. If you have made up your mind to invest in a recliner chair, there are several factors you should consider, which are as follows.


Whenever you are looking to buy any piece of furniture, how much space you have in your area is the primary thing to consider. If you are buying a recliner chair for your library or a compact space, it cannot be huge. But a recliner chair sitting in your living room can be large. A huge recliner would not suit a small space and in fact, make the area look congested.

Some recliners take a minimum of 3 feet of the area behind them when they are fully reclined. Apart from that, consider the depth, height, and width of the recliner before you buy one. If the recliner you wish to go for comes with an ottoman, you should take the measurements accordingly.

Your Style

Choose the pattern, style, and color you want for your room based on the décor. These three factors will filter your preferences even more before you purchase the recliner. If your space is completely white, you can buy a bright recliner or a tan-colored one to add a pop of color to your area.

A tip would be to click photographs of your interiors and then decide which recliner would be more suitable. If you are buying from a store, you can ask the store owner or sales executive present there to help you out with the choice.


All the features that you want in a recliner depend on your preferences. You can choose a recliner with a gliding or rocking base, a massage chair, a swivel, or a flat recliner. Other than that, you may want your recliner to have an inbuilt Bluetooth sound system, cup holders, adjustable armrest, adjustable headrest, adjoining ottoman, or built-in USB charger.

The idea of buying a recliner is obtaining maximum comfort from it and these additional features would enhance your overall experience. If you like watching movies, having an inbuilt Bluetooth system and a USB charger would be very convenient.

If you want ultimate comfort, look for chair recliners with a stressless glide system that automatically adjusts as per your body weight without any levers to pull or buttons to press.


Chair recliners come in a variety of functionality options. Power recliners, oversized recliners, lift chairs, massage recliners, etc. are some of the popular types. Power recliners adjust to comfort just by pressing a button and setting the recline angle according to your wish. Oversized recliners are ideal for game or TV rooms and large spaces.

Wall-saver recliners, on the other hand, are designed primarily to offer furniture solutions for areas with a limited amount of space.

Lift chairs feature a powered lifting mechanism, which pushes the chair upwards from its base to provide support to the user by rising from their seated position. If you want an utterly relaxing recliner, choose massage chairs that have mechanical massage features that relieve back pain and aches and support the lumbar regions. Based on who will be using the recliner most of the time, you can choose the most suitable type.


The primary factor to consider while selecting upholstery is whether the fabric you go for matches your requirements in terms of ease of maintenance, durability, and aesthetics. So, choosing a leather or fabric recliner as the upholstery option depends on your lifestyle and personal preference.

However, you should know that leather is easier to maintain than fabric. If you have kids, food and liquid spillage are highly likely, and choosing a cloth recliner would not be ideal. They are prone to get stained. In the case of leather material, simply wipe it with a cloth and your cleaning is done.


Amongst the biggest factors that decide the price and the durability of a recliner is its frame. The frame is something that supports the recliner’s elements and you. The joints would be the primary areas of stress, and if these are robust, your recliner would stand the test of time.

The support construction is also an important aspect that determines the durability and comfort level. Other things to keep in mind are quiet motors, user-friendly levers or buttons, and heavy screws.


When you go to buy a pair of shoes, you will consider comfort, the right fit, and looks the most. The same goes for recliners. You should always test the chair before purchasing one.

When you are testing, sit on it for as long as required until you are satisfied. Your feet should lie flat on the floor when and the headrest should offer desirable support to your neck and head.

Apart from that, higher foam density and thickness of cushioning will ensure that the recliner maintains its shape for an extended period. Also, when you sit on it, try its buttons or levers, take a spin, and then form your opinion. The buttons or levers should be easily reachable.


Recliners come in a wide range of price brackets based on their comfort, upholstery, functionality, and mechanism. Before you go to buy the recliner, know how much you would like to spend as well as how much would you use it.

There is no point in buying an expensive one if you would not be spending a lot of time on it.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned factors are the ones you should consider before buying a recliner. Based on your preferences and budget, choose the one that suits both. Apart from the quality, look for durability and additional features in the expensive ones.

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