How To Choose A Perfume According To Its Olfactory Notes

The number of perfumes on the market is overwhelming, so choosing one is far from easy. As it is not possible to be able to try and smell them all, it is useful that you have some basic notions that help you narrow down the search for “your perfume” more easily.

In order to find it more easily, let’s see what are the olfactory notes that we find in the world of perfumery. This will reduce the range of fragrances among which to find the right one. When choosing a perfume, you must be very clear about what you are looking for in it, and what you intend to convey. Based on these choices, you will have to decide on some olfactory notes or others.

What Are The Olfactory Notes

Olfactory notes are the different fragrances that appear and make up a perfume, which, in the end, are a harmonious mix of scents and ingredients that make up unique perfumes, full of personality such as woody chestnut dossier perfume by the fireplace replica.

The Olfactory Pyramid Of Perfumes

Perfumes evolve throughout their time of use. When we apply them, their intensity and touches change with the passing of the minutes. Perfumes combine their fragrances into three main notes that make up what is known as an olfactory pyramid: Top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

  • Top notes: it is the smell or the set of predominant smells that are perceived when applying the fragrance, during the first 15 minutes. They activate the sense of smell and prepare it for what is to come.
  • Heart notes: after the initial impact, after the explosion of those first 15 minutes, other fragrances emerge that are the essence of the perfume. The heart notes are what define a perfume and can last up to 6 hours.
  • Base notes: they are the ones that put the finishing touch to the fragrance and the ones that end up creating the final smell, giving it depth and intensity.

Types Of Olfactory Notes Present In Perfumes

Perfumes are a delight to smell and have an enormous evocative capacity. There are many olfactory notes that perfumes have, so we are going to see some of these perfume notes that are used more frequently in preparations.

  • Notes of violets: has the ability to be sensual in a subtle, elegant, and romantic way. It is a soft and fresh note that slightly enlivens the soul of its bearer.
  • Vanilla Notes: Vanilla is intense and sweet, very sweet. This sweetness gives it a great sensual charge and its intensity is more suitable for colder temperatures than for hot summer days.
  • Coconut notes: are widely used in the top notes of perfumes due to the power of their aroma. Coconut notes are associated with summer because it is impossible for its smell not to evoke palm trees and the beach. Coconut gives perfumes a happy and carefree touch.
  • Notes of lavender: a true perfumery classic. Lavender is synonymous with cleanliness, purity, and well-being. An infallible note for any perfume.
  • Notes of sandalwood: it has a very common presence in masculine creations due to the charm and mystery that it gives to the whole. And that is its forte: wrapping its bearer in an enigmatic and attractive aura. This note appears, for example, in Hugo Boss perfume Bottled, a modern classic.
  • Notes of Patchouli: It has great strength and intensity, with a great weight, but as a woody aroma, it is not as overwhelming as the intense fruity fragrances, despite the fact that it also has sweet touches. Patchouli stimulates the senses and has great aphrodisiac power.
  • Musk notes: Musk is a widely used note in perfumery thanks to its purity combined with a touch of sensuality and sweetness.
  • Amber notes: perfect for the coldest days. A mature aroma, with poise, transmits security, tranquility, and wisdom.
  • Iris notes reflexivity, intelligence, and wisdom. Ideal for rational people who can be trusted.
  • Notes of lilies of the valley: this note has a touch of distinction, a stylized point in the fragrance. It is used on many occasions to intensify other floral fragrances.

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