How to Choose Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Choosing bean bag chairs for kids can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t know what to look into. Unlike adult bean bags, bean bags for children come with a whole lot of detailing and styles.

Considering this aspect, your children can be picky about what they want. This is the reason you have to do thorough research, keeping in mind your children’s wishes for the type of furniture they want in their rooms.

When it comes to children’s bean bags, there are a plethora of models available in different designs and materials. Based on your child’s age, it will be easy for you to narrow it down from the list. Still, you will need some guidance on how to choose bean bag chairs for kids.

This is why we have created this post. In this ultimate guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about bean bags for children and will help you find the perfect chair that suits your child’s needs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

#1 Start by looking for something cozy

Whenever it comes to buying furniture for kids, always look for the ‘cozy’ factor first. The goal is to find something that is cozy, inviting, and colorful. If you can hit the perfect spot, your kids will want to use them forever.

You can go with a square bean bag option that looks like a chair. It comes with back support and armrests. Moreover, square bean bags are also an option, but we would not recommend them for children who cannot maintain their balance while sitting.

If they wiggle a lot, the circular ones might make them off guard, and they might fall. It is important to look for a chair that provides the utmost comfort so that even if your children sit on it for prolonged hours, they won’t feel any sort of discomfort.

Moreover, look for a model that provides ample support for your kids while they watch television or read. On the other hand, the model you choose should not make your child slump or slouch over to get comfortable.

#2 A sturdy bean bag

Your child is going to play all kinds of tantrums and games on a bean bag. So, you would want your bean bag to be sturdy enough to tolerate all kinds of wear and tear it may experience in a day’s play.

So, look for a bean bag that has a sturdy outside case yet provides the utmost comfort for your children. Your child may hop on the bean bag wearing shoes or sneakers, with all kinds of toys and whatnot. You have to make sure that the casing remains unaffected no matter what it goes through.

On the other hand, the sturdiness aspect must go hand in hand with how old your child is. If your child is in his/her early teens, then you must be vigilantly looking for a sturdy bean bag.

On the other hand, if your child understands things and you are sure that he/she will not make the bean bag his/her make-believe battlefield, you can go a bit lenient, and look for different styles.

#3 Look for the safety aspect

One thing you would not want your child to do is swallow the stuffing from the bean bag. The majority of the bean bags use polyurethane beads which can be a safety hazard for both your children and pets.

If the bean bag tears and all the stuffing comes loose, it can be a problem if your child is still quite small and does not know the difference between good and bad. And it can turn out to be a nightmare if you are not around.

So, what the majority of the parents do is remove the polystyrene or polyurethane beads from the bean bag and fill it with friendlier options like wood chips, wood shavings, or recyclable materials. As long as the cover of the bean bag is good and well-built, it will provide the same comfort as the polystyrene beads.

Therefore, if you think there is a safety hazard with a particular bean bag model you have chosen, you should replace it with a better alternative. On the other hand, for older children, this should not be a concern.

However, make sure that the zipper of the bean bag is always kept away from children. , don’t allow your children to open the zipper and take out all the stuffing. If possible, secure the zipper with zip ties.

#4 Size is also important

Bean bag chairs for kids are available in a variety of sizes. Whether your child is a toddler in his early teens or even late teens, there is a bean bag for every age and gender. The ideal size for a toddler is a bean bag with a circumference ranging from 110-120 inches.

A bean bag of this size is ideal for toddlers who are below 4 feet in height. In case, your child is above 4.5 feet, you should look for a bean bag with a size ranging from 130-140 inches in circumference.

This size is ideal for children who are above 4.5 feet but below 5.3 feet. Further, if your child is in his late teens, with a height above 5.5 feet, you can go for a bean bag with a size ranging from 140-150 inches in circumference. This is the size that can fit an adult as well.

Moreover, you should know that there are oversized bean bags available as well that come with a circumference starting from 180 inches. These types of bean bag chairs for kids can accommodate multiple users at the same time. So, if you have two or more children, you can opt for this size.

#5 Pints and colors

Finally, choose a color that your child will love. When it comes to children, they love bright and colorful things, rather than pale objects.

So, you always go with a colorful bean bag with a variety of prints and detailing. For girls, you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of designer bean bags as well.

Final Words

When buying bean bags for kids, you should always put your child’s preference first before anything else. Based on their preferences, you will be able to choose the right model.

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