How to Choose Between THC Free CBD and Full Spectrum CBD? Canova’s Guide

If you are new to CBD products, you might come across some difficulties in terms of the selection of the best formula for your particular case. You will see such terms as full spectrum CBD, and THC free CBD, and a question arises – what should I buy the best? To help you with your future choice of products, read this Cannovia’s Guide, and make up your mind.

What Is THC Free CBD Oil?

Let’s start with THC free CBD. CBD is known as a cannabinoid that cultivators take out from the hemp plant. Even though more research should be done on it, it is clearly understood that CBD may greatly assist people in relieving their sleep disturbances, pain, and some mental health conditions including anxiety, stress, and depression.

When picking THC free CBD oil, you will see two categories – isolate oil and broad-spectrum one. Isolate formula contains purely cannabinoids. It means that there is no THC at all, the ingredient that is notorious for its high effects. Yet, it is worth saying that even THC products are strictly regulated by the health authorities, and their content is limited to not provoke any bad effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD may also be deprived of THC, but there will be other compounds extracted from the hemp plant like flavonoids, and terpenes. Terpenes are known to be potent therapeutic agents that are responsible for many positive health effects, and they come in many aromas. While, flavonoids are common agents not only in the hemp plant, and do also boast many positive effects.

Pros of THC Free CBD Oil:

  • No THC in the composition. It is a great benefit for those consumers who do not want to take it at all;
  • CBD isolate contains no flavor or scent;
  • Lots of health benefits for pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep disturbances.

Cons of THC Free CBD Oil:

  • Some researchers do believe that the absence of THC in the composition makes CBD oil less potent in terms of health therapeutic benefits.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Logically assume, that if THC Free CBD oil does not contain any THC, and some formulas are pure, full-spectrum CBD oil will involve all hemp plant compounds. Accordingly, it is linked to more effects on one’s health. It also concerns the notorious THC which is present with the best full spectrum CBD oil. Note, as was hinted above, there are certain limits in content. For example, as of now, it is prohibited to manufacture CBD oil that will contain THC with over 0.3%.

Pros of Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

  • A myriad of health benefits including relief for muscles, anxiety, and pain as well and it is believed to be a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant tool;
  • Less processed than other types of CBD including isolate;

Cons of Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

  • Some people won’t want to have THC at all;
  • It has many interactions. For instance, you’d better not drink alcohol after the consumption of oil.

So, who is the winner? Frankly speaking, it is hard to determine one because they cater to their consumers. You may enjoy the purest formula and get the most out of it for your poor sleep or anxiety or you may experience no effect. Otherwise, you can greatly boost your well-being by consuming THC full-spectrum CBD oil. For the best outcomes in terms of your health, it would be great to consult a specialist who understands what may fit your particular case.

Yet, your selection might be the following. If you want – scent/taste-free, no THC, large doses, your choice should fall for an isolated formula. Beyond that, isolate will be the one that won’t be shown on the drug test if you have to undergo it shortly. If you want – boosted effects for your health, flavor, and less refining agent, your choice should fall for full-spectrum. But, again it can be traceable on drug tests.

How did Cannovia choose such oils? At Cannovia, experts work only with natural and USA made ingredients that are linked to the highest-quality, and responsible approach toward cultivation. All the products including isolate and full-spectrum oils undergo a third-party test of all the compounds to ensure you won’t be in trouble with any side effects of deterioration of your current health conditions. In case you do not find such oils working, and have any other valid complaints, the Cannovia team is always ready to make advances with a money-back guarantee.

Yet, if you crave buying and testing them now, you will be awarded free shipping that will help you save some money.

Please, note if you currently have any complaints about your health, and want to solve them with the help of cannabinoid oil, be ensure to first speak to your doctor to find the reasons for them.

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