How To Choose The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking App

Whether you are a big or small cryptocurrency trader, using the right tools to track your performance is crucial. As such, using the best crypto portfolio tracker is advisable so that you can access real-time information regarding your trading positions and long-term holdings. However, with hundreds of crypto tracker apps, all of which are advertising themselves out there, it is not easy to determine the best one. You should choose the best portfolio tracking app that is feature-rich and, most of all, secure. Let us look at the most important considerations you should make.


Automatic tracking and performance

Look for a crypto portfolio tracking app that automatically tracks and records your portfolio’s performance accurately. If you have tried out different apps, you will realize that some tracking apps require you to manually type every transaction you make, its price, and the executed time. With all the advancements, such outdated apps have no place in the future. Choose a portfolio tracking app that is automatic such that you only have to link your crypto accounts to various exchanges and include your blockchain wallet address. That way, your app tracks every latest information, trade, transaction, and price change to keep you informed on your portfolio. An added advantage is that you can use the history of performance to review your strategies and see where you can improve.

Compatibility with crypto exchanges

Since the cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one, choose a crypto tracker app that makes it easy for you to make trades immediately. That encompasses compatibility with many exchanges and supporting different order books and charts. Choose an app with a vast number of supported exchanges and one that allows you to trade in all of them whenever you want to. It would be best to look for an app that offers you a completely unmatched personalized experience.

Real-time updates

A good crypto tracker app provides you with real-time alerts on the state of your cryptocurrency portfolio, trading markets, and any current events that may affect the market. It provides you with timely updates on order execution and any transaction push alerts. Remember that you can choose to receive timely alerts of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and other leading ones so that you are not left out whenever there is an overall market volatility and specific market triggering events.

Moreover, you can choose how many times per day you can receive the updates of your portfolio performance and the market notifications of leading users and mostly traded cryptos.

Custom price alerts

Choose a crypto tracker app that allows you to set custom alerts, such as the ability to receive price alerts on a particular trading pair. For instance, you can set an alert for the aggravated market value of bitcoin against any other coin, such as altcoins.

Unique order types

When looking for a crypto tracking app, consider one that provides unique order types to cover exchanges that do not have them. That way, you have the freedom to place stop-market, stop-limit orders, market or limits in any of them. Again, you should brace yourself for several advanced preorder types that are coming up.


The bottom line

A good crypto app tracker provides superior tracking services for your cryptocurrency portfolio performance, timely alerts, unique order types for exchanges, and it is compatible with multiple exchanges.

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