How to Choose the Best Dentist in Turkey

Each of us faces the need to see a dentist. However, it is sometimes difficult to find a good dentist in your country.

Thanks to the development of medical tourism, you can find a dentist abroad. Dentistry in Turkey is at a high level and gives beautiful smiles to hundreds of patients every day.

Thanks to the high level of medicine, you can easily find a suitable dentist in Turkey. The high level of medical tourism in Turkey enables you to receive dental treatment here in state-of-the-art dental clinics.

Modern dentistry

Modern dental prosthetics are a set of procedures aimed at restoring teeth in patients of all ages who have lost their teeth for various reasons. Above all, the prosthesis aims at restoring the structure of fully or partially lost teeth.

Dental prosthetics are one of the most important tasks of modern dentistry says this dentist who does good-quality teeth whitening in Cleveland. After all, the inability to eat normally causes several gastrointestinal diseases, as well as worsens the general health state.

Manufacturing prostheses is the enormous work of specialists of all professions: from the chemist to the programmer. However, the placement of dentures is done directly by the dentist.

Benefits of Turkey

  • The use of modern technologies in dentistry has made it possible to bring medical tourism in Turkey to a new level. Dentists in Turkey can make you smile in Hollywood thanks to their vast experience.
  • Experienced specialists. Turkish dentists are experienced doctors who are constantly developing and using innovative treatment technologies.
  • Present-day equipment. Clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technologies, which allow for a comprehensive examination and effective treatment.
  • High-quality materials. The success of treatment depends largely on the quality of dental materials. Turkish clinics use only modern consumables from the best world manufacturers.
  • Application of the latest drugs for anesthesia. All clinics in Turkey use the best medicines, which makes the treatment comfortable for the patient.
  • Dentistry in your sleep. In clinics in Turkey, you can undergo treatment for dental diseases in your sleep. Sleep therapy is a safe method of anesthesia, which completely frees you from fear.
  • Treatment in Turkey is about 30% cheaper compared to many European countries.

Turkish dentistry fields

Due to the huge experience of highly qualified dentists in Turkish clinics, as well as the availability of the latest diagnostic equipment, state-of-the-art materials, and the newest methods of treatment, doctors can successfully treat dental pathologies in many patients from around the world. At Turkish clinics, you can receive the following treatment:

  • Therapeutic dentistry uses the up to date techniques in the treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, and periodontal disease.
  • The department of Surgical Dentistry applies modern methods of tooth extraction, bone transplantation, gum treatment, prosthetics, and implantation.
  • Aesthetic dentistry allows correcting interdental spaces, wrong bite, and position of one or more teeth, restoring the natural shine and color of teeth.
  • Pediatric dentistry allows fast and effective treatment or removal of milk teeth, as well as bite correction in children.

Contemporary Turkish hospitals

Each dentist should have in his arsenal present-time equipment to make the process of treatment and prosthetics more effective. A special role is given to 3D modeling technology, which doubles the efficiency of dental treatment. 

Many clinics in Turkey are accredited and have JCI quality certificates, which guarantee a high level of treatment in each clinic. It is difficult to single out the best among the clinics in Turkey because each clinic has its advantages. Equal in level, but most popular among all are:

  • Memorial Antalya Hospital. In this medical center, you can receive world-class treatment. This is where the country’s best dentists work. The distinctive feature of the clinic is the availability of later-day equipment for diagnosing dental pathologies. Also, the presence of professional pediatricians allows for the performing treatment of patients of any age.
  • Medical Park Gebze Hospital – in addition to dentistry, the clinic treats patients in all areas: oncology, plastic surgery, cardiology, and many others. The versatility of the center allows for carrying out complex treatment of any type of pathology, which significantly increases its effectiveness.

How to get treatment in Turkey?

To receive treatment from the best dentists in Turkey at a low cost it is better to contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Over the years BookingHealth has organized

Successful treatment for millions of international patients and has earned a huge level of trust. You can find the list of clinics and prices for treatment in Turkey on the company’s website.

Our patients note the international level of quality of Turkish doctors in teeth treatment. Throughout your treatment, you can forget about your problems and enjoy the sound of the sea and beautiful sunsets.

This is possible because Booking Health will take care of all your medical and related problems while staying abroad. Moreover, during your treatment, you can receive additional benefits from the company:

  • Establishing communication directly with your doctor.
  • Booking hotels and air tickets.
  • Communication with the clinic after treatment completion.
  • Selection of individual treatment program.
  • Your medical insurance.

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