How to Choose The Best Electricity Rates For Your Home

Choosing the best electricity rates for your home is a complex process. You need to do a bit of research on the electric companies in your area, ask for special deals, and find a rate that you will be happy to pay throughout the year. There are some tips below that make this process easier for you, and you can keep your utility bills down using this information.

Does The Company Have A Sale Going On?

The company might have a sale going on for their ATCO electricity rates for Alberta because they want to get your business. Check out the price you are getting, compare that price to other companies in the area, and make sure the price will stay low for the duration of your contract.

You may need to get a long-term contract to secure the lowest rate. However, this means you will have good pricing for a longer period.

Does The Company Offer Consistent Billing?

Consistent billing allows you to pay the same price every month. The company will use the average of your usage to calculate your bill, and you will pay that price every month instead of a variable rate. You can renew this plan every year, or you might change it to a variable rate if you are not using much power during the year.

Is There A Gas/Electric Bundle?

If you can get a gas/electric bundle from your power company, you will pay a discounted rate for both. This bundle gives you a good price on gas through the electric company’s partner, and you will get a discount on your electricity because you took the bundle.

Does The Company Have A Good Credit Rating?

You can check the credit rating of any company online. A company with a bad credit rating has to charge you more money because they are losing cash every time they borrow money. A company with a good credit rating is stable, and they are more likely to give you better prices.

Plus, you need to watch a company’s credit rating. You might find that your current power company is not maintaining its credit rating. If that is the case, you might want to find a new power company that can provide you with a better rate.

Does The Company Offer Good Customer Service?

There will come a time when you need to call or email the power company for assistance. You might have found the company with the lowest rate, but they must give you good customer service. Companies with bad reviews are not investing in their customer service staff, and that is why their rates are so cheap.

Does The Company Offer Special Hookup And Installation Rates?

There are many special installation and hookup rates that you can get when you are building a new home. You can ask for special hookups if you are building a new shed or guest house on your property. You may ask the company if they can give you free installation if you sign a longer contract, or you can forgo installation if you are simply transferring your service.


There are several ways for you to reduce your utility costs. You can research electric companies in the area that will help you save money, give you good customer service, and offer a consistent billing plan. It is simple for you to find a company that will transfer your service, and you can order your new energy plan online. Read reviews online so that you know they offer good customer service, and plan to reduce your electric costs using these steps.


  1. My sister would like to find a reliable electric supplier since she will move into her new home, which is why she’s currently looking for electric rates so she may compare prices. Anyhow, we share the same perspective about the importance of securing a long-term contract. Well, we’ll keep in mind to ask about the discount rate too.

  2. Thanks for the tip about how it’s important to also look for good customer service when it comes to finding good electric rates. I’m interested in finding a new place to stay in soon because I’d like to be able to live near my company’s office in case I will need to not work from home anymore. Finding a good electricity provider for that new home would surely be an important part of settling in.

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