How to Choose the Best Flashlight for Travel

Summer is here. And if you are an outdoorsy mom, you are planning a camping trip for your family. Nothing refreshes the mind more than being close to nature.

Packing all of the essentials is a great way to make that trip successful. A good flashlight tops the list of the essentials. A flashlight not only helps you see the surrounding area but also keeps you safe.

Is Carrying a Flashlight Important?

According to faveable, having an independent light source is essential while traveling. Whether it’s camping, a road trip, maybe just a walk back to the hotel, or a power outage, a flashlight saves the day.

It’s quite handy when you are leaving the neon lights of the city behind. You don’t want to spend your vacation worrying about safety. A good flashlight reduces that stress for you.

So how do you pick the right flashlight when there are a lot of options to choose from? Whether you are using it for camping, around the house, or hiking you want a flashlight that is bright and durable.

Here is a list of criteria you should consider while picking your flashlight.


Flashlights have become very compact nowadays. A small and light flashlight is easier to carry while traveling as it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

You can put them in your pocket and go on about your business.


The brighter the light, the easier for you to see straight ahead, so brightness is an important criterion to consider. An LED flashlight is the right pick if you want a brighter light.

It is more focused and sends a narrow yet very bright beam. Decide on how bright you want your flashlight to be and pick the right lumen.


Different flashlights use different power sources. Some use alkaline batteries, while others use rechargeable ones. Then, there are the rechargeable USB flashlights.

I wouldn’t quite necessarily recommend using a rechargeable flashlight as finding an outlet to charge them may not be an option while you are traveling.

Also, the rechargers add weight to your luggage. Flashlights that use AA or AAA batteries are ideal for traveling. You can get these batteries almost everywhere.


Tactical flashlights give you that extra sense of security. If you are traveling far and are in troubled waters, a tactical flashlight is just the thing for you.

You are most likely to carry the flashlight all the time, so pick a lightweight one. However, if you are traveling by air, you won’t get past security with a tactical flashlight. It’s better to leave it at home in this case.


If you are planning for a beach gateway, fishing, or camping, you will find a lot of occasions to get wet. It’s better to be prepared for such watery adventures with a waterproof flashlight.

Buy a waterproof flashlight just in case it gets drenched in rain or splashed with pool water.


Flashlights with different models and different features are available in the market. You can get different beam variations in one flashlight. Pencil beam, wide beam, and flash mode all come in one flashlight.

Any of the modes might come in handy while traveling. Buy a flashlight with two or three modes. It’s better to be prepared.


Most flashlights come with push buttons or sliders. Usually, these are operated with thumbs. Some flashlights require the use of both hands.

Nowadays, some flashlights come with a safety lock so there is no risk of lights being accidentally turned on and batteries being drained. Pick one that is easy for you to use. You don’t want to fumble with the turn on a button in the dark.

Shape and Material

Most of the flashlights in the market have bodies made of aluminum alloy or plastic. Some flashlights with impact resistance use stainless steel in the head of the light.

Some aluminum flashlights are light to carry, while some are heavier than others. Some flashlight bodies provide gripping and knurled edges to reduce slipping.

Buy something that feels comfortable around your hands.

Impact Resistance

Buy a sturdy flashlight. If you drop your flashlight, it might stop working. Buy one with good impact resistance so it keeps on working even after accidental drops.

Dropping a flashlight takes a toll on lights and batteries. Denting on the body may cause batteries to lose the contact needed for it to work.


Since there are several different flashlights, there is a wide price range. Let’s face it; we leave and lose a lot of things while traveling. It will hurt if you lose an expensive flashlight.

You also don’t want to buy the cheap ones that stop working after one time. Buy something that is durable reliable and within your price range.


Just like the price, there are many available brands of flashlights. If you want to buy high-end brands, get ready to pay a high-end price. Almost all of these brands have about the same features.

A good brand name gives you the value of reliability. Pick a brand that you can afford and has features you will use.


It’s crucial to pack a good flashlight while traveling. The weather can change quickly while you are camping or hiking. It’s best to prepare for these unprecedented events.

A flashlight is such a handy tool that might even save your life. Go through the steps we have mentioned and pick a flashlight best suited for your needs.

You not only want to buy the best flashlight, but you also want the best value for the money you have paid. Choose wisely and pick the one that has all your required features.

Happy shopping!

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