How to Choose the Best Thank You Flowers for Your Friend

Flowers do more than simply add aesthetic value to the home. They are a visual way of expressing appreciation towards people. When you want your appreciation to touch home, thank you flowers are the way to go.

Flowers can do the job, true. But how do you choose the perfect flowers to convey the exact message you have in mind? Making a decision can get confusing due to the extensive list of flowers available to choose from.

In the article below, we’ve rounded up some flowers and the message they convey to help you make the perfect thank you statement to your friend. Let’s get to it then.


There can’t be a flower list without the mention of the breathtaking rose. The rose flower is famous for its representation of love and romance, but those are just the red roses. 

The rose flower comes in different colors. You most likely know the red roses and have canceled them out of your list–you don’t want your friend to get the wrong ideas. However, the yellow, pink, and white roses are a great way to say thank you. 

Roses are the perfect floral gifts to someone who has helped you face your demons and overcome challenges in your life. You can pick a mix of these colors, bundle them up into a lovely vase or modern square box, and show your appreciation by lighting up your friend’s home.


Has someone given your life some focus by pointing you in the right direction? Maybe this friend has helped you achieve some level of growth personally, in your business, or even in your relationship. The sunflower is the perfect gift for that someone.

Sunflowers are known for their innate ability to trail the sun’s movement and grow as tall as 8ft. These properties convey the message of how appreciative you are of a friend’s help in directing you and helping you grow in certain aspects of your life.


Hydrangeas are the perfect flowers for a friend who has been both kind and understanding. Here’s a bit of history for you. According to legend, an emperor once gave hydrangeas to a maiden as a gesture of apology. Many people have since taken hydrangeas as an apologetic flower.

Hydrangeas have a calming effect that communicates soft compassion and a recognition of the relevance of someone in your life. If you want to show that understanding friend that you hold them in regard and appreciate them in your life, hydrangeas are the way to go. 


Generally, lilies are associated with purity, rebirth, and fertility. But like many flowers, lilies hold different meanings because of their disparity in color. They come in white, orange, pink, yellow, and red colors.

Pink lilies, for instance, symbolize a boost in self-esteem for people who are struggling. They’re also symbolic of friendship, as they’re associated with more feminine, compassionate traits and platonic love for one another.

Yellow lilies symbolize friendship and delight, so they’re perfect for telling a friend how much joy and excitement they provide to your life. 

When you want to appreciate that friend who has lightened up your life, send them a bouquet of lilies.

Last Words

In truth, there are plenty of flowers you can send to express your gratitude to a friend. You can easily get lost trying to identify the perfect thank you flower. That shouldn’t be a problem now.

The flowers listed above are perfect for helping your thank you land a punch. You can add a bit of flair by choosing the flowers in your friend’s favorite color. There are no rules here.

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