How to Choose the Perfect Fitness Equipment

Everybody understands the importance of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle but it can be hard to take the actual steps required to achieve that goal, especially with the heavy workload & busy schedule day by today’s modern society. All thoughts about eating healthy and exercising regularly are often pushed to the back of our minds. The importance of our health has once again become front and center in our thoughts however due to the Covid-19 crisis.

For many of us, quarantine has been the perfect time for us to keep ourselves in shape. To help you achieve your full physical potential during these hard times, here are some of our tips for choosing the perfect fitness equipment for you.

1- Understand your Body and Identify your Fitness Goals

When deciding which way to go with fitness equipment, you should always start by considering what your end goals and level of commitment are. Whether it is shedding a few pounds just to look good with your shirt off, gaining new muscles, or working to increase your cardio – that will be the final result that you will be dedicating yourself to shortly. To achieve that end goal, you will have to commit 100% to what you have set out to do. 

Too often, it is the excuse of “not having the time” that is used to explain why people aren’t exercising. Before doing anything, you have to make sure that you have the right mindset for the job. Understanding your body is an important aspect of exercising, and it will help you a lot to define what your “ideal” physique is. It will also prevent you from injuring yourself in training, and help you to know how and when you should work out.

2- Choose Exercise Equipment That Fits Your Workout Style

Based on your personal preference & the goal that you have set out to achieve, you will be able to find out which type of exercise will suit you the most. Maybe you feel like your triceps should be bigger. Maybe you want shredded six-pack abs. Whatever your targets, with a little research, you should easily be able to find the equipment you need.

There is a huge range of equipment available online and we found these options from that may suit your fitness needs. More often than not, your primary goal will automatically narrow down the type of fitness equipment that you will need which will limit the amount of equipment you need to buy as well as the money that you need to spend.

Choose Exercise Equipment

Cardio Workouts

If you are looking to improve your stamina and endurance, skipping ropes and treadmills will be your best friend. Other recommendations include air bikes or steppers. The great thing about cardio is that if you have limited space for equipment, you can do all your cardio outside just running or cycling.

Fat Burning

Burning fat requires more work than a regular cardio workout so that you can burn more calories than you have consumed. With this goal in mind, the best equipment is exercise bikes, rowing machines, battle ropes, or elliptical trainers. The important thing to remember with fat-burning however is that your diet is the most important factor when it comes to burning fat.

Muscle Gains

To gain muscle you will need to lift weights and so dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells as well as the required benches and racks should be top of your list of equipment. Remember however that as well as lifting weights, to gain muscle you will need to eat a protein-heavy diet.

3- Choose Equipment Based on Your Budget and Space

Now that you have a pretty clear idea of what equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals, you must consider your budget and the space in your home or gym. You will be able to find a wide range of prices for every kind of machine but it is usually recommended to find a balance between the function and the price. It is also important to remember that a higher price does not always mean better quality. Another thing you need to consider is your space.

Not many people have room for a fully equipped home gym so if you have limited space for exercising, look for equipment that can be folded or has wheels for convenience. You will be surprised by how little equipment you need for a comprehensive full-body workout. A weights bench, a squat rack, dumbbells and a barbell with assorted weights are all most people need to gain muscle and for cardio, an easy run around the park is ideal.

Choosing equipment that is comfortable and convenient for you should always be the priority when exercising since fitness is a long-term journey. Identify your workout goals and find equipment that can help you achieve those goals. Consider your budget and space and do your homework on the different options available online.

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