How to Choose the Right Assisted Living and Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

Choosing the right memory care community is a big decision. A good place should feel like home and provide quality care individualized to your loved one’s needs.

It’s important to ask all your questions and tour each facility you are considering. Here are three things to keep in mind as you shop around:

Consider Your Loved One’s Needs

Moving your loved one to assisted living can be difficult for them. They may be upset about losing their independence and the home they have loved for many years. During this time, it is important to remember their feelings are valid and try to help them accept the move.

Consider the size of the community, as this can impact how your loved one feels and their interactions with other residents. Also, find out if there is a specific staff-to-resident ratio. This can greatly affect how much care your loved one receives.

Also, make sure to look into whether the community offers a range of activities during different parts of the day. This allows your loved one to participate in activities that match their preferred modalities and interests. This will also let them socialize with others with similar interests and experiences.

You will also want to find out about how costs are handled. Some communities offer month-to-month rates, while others require monthly fees or follow other payment systems.

Do Your Research

There’s no shortage of information about local senior living communities online, but the best way to find out what a place is really like is to visit. You can also ask family members who have used assisted living and memory care facilities about their experiences.

A good community like Diamond Assisted Living & Memory Care will offer a range of daily activities to engage with your loved one’s interests and hobbies. Some may have specialty programs that help people with dementia or impaired cognition, such as music events and outings to gardens or museums.

It would help if you also looked closely at a contract to see what is included in the monthly fees and what extra costs are charged. It is a good idea to take the contract home to review it or have an elder law attorney look at it. Also, make sure your loved one’s concerns are taken seriously. If they’re not, consider looking at other options. This is an important decision for your loved one, and you want to ensure they’re happy and safe in their new home.

Schedule a Visit

Visiting the provider is important in finding the right place for your loved one. It’s also a great way to catch any lapses in care early and ensure your family member is receiving the best possible treatment.

While there, ask about the staffing levels and what kind of training they receive. It would help if you also understood their company compliance standards and whole-person care philosophy.

You should also check out the food and dining options. Do they offer nutritious meals that are appetizing to the eye and taste? Do they cater to dietary restrictions?

Finally, ask about the visiting hours and their activities for friends and families. Your loved one must interact socially with other residents and family members. Make sure they have ample opportunities to do so! 

Listen to Your Gut Feelings

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one is a big decision. While it is important to consider your family’s needs, listening to your gut instincts is also crucial.

It’s normal for older adults to have apprehensions and objections about moving into an assisted living community, especially if they’re used to living independently. Remember to empathize with their fears and help them adjust to their new life. Keep in touch with them through regular phone calls or visits, and ensure they’re included in family outings and events. Ultimately, they’ll feel more comfortable and happy with their new home if they know they’re not alone.

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