How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses for You

Whether you are new to the world of contact lenses or you are considering changing the ones that you currently use, the below guide will help you to choose the right contact lenses for your lifestyle and individual needs.

From what are the different types of contact lenses available, to the best ones to suit individual eye care needs, keep reading to discover how to choose the right contacts for you.

Soft vs hard lenses

Your first step when choosing contact lenses is to decide whether you want to opt for soft or rigid lenses.

The majority of people who wear lenses choose soft varieties as these are thought to be more comfortable to wear. That being said, certain eye conditions will benefit from harder lenses such as astigmatism which results in a more oval-shaped eye rather than a typical round one.

Daily vs disposable

Once you have decided whether you are better suited to soft or hard lenses, your next decision involves whether to wear daily contact lenses or disposable ones.

Monthly contact lenses are typically the least expensive option, but they do have to be taken out each night, cleaned, and stored away carefully, a daily task that some people find too time-consuming.

Disposable contact lenses, on the other hand, such as Precision1 one-day contact lenses, are designed to be worn once and thrown away for maximum convenience.

There is one other option when it comes to contact lenses, but this is not for everyone. Extended wear lenses can be left in overnight, but they do need to be removed at least once a week to be cleaned and to give your eyes a break. Some eye experts recommend against using these types of contacts as sleeping in lenses overnight drastically reduces the amount of oxygen to the eyes, which can make you more prone to infections and other eye conditions.

What about colored contact lenses?

If you are looking for contact lenses that can enhance or dramatically change your appearance, you may want to consider colored lenses. These types of lenses are highly effective and can transform even the darkest of eyes into a bright shade of blue.

You can find colored contact lenses that are to be used purely for aesthetic reasons as well as ones to correct your vision.

Do you have any specific eyecare need?

If you have been diagnosed with a specific eye condition, then you should choose, where possible, contact lenses that can help to correct your eye issue, or at least make it easier to manage. You should also take into consideration any other eye-related needs that you have that may affect your decision such as dry eyes or allergies which are better suited to daily disposable lenses.

If in doubt about what contact lenses are best for your individual eye care needs, always consult your doctor or optician before deciding to avoid any unnecessary vision problems or infections.

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