How To Create An Effective Ecommerce Social Media Campaign From Scratch?

Social media is an integral part of human life these days. We use them to communicate, entertain, read the news, express ourselves, and of course, the content we encounter there affects our behavior, including our purchases.

Modern marketing cannot exist without the Social Media Marketing sector because it is very difficult for any business, especially eCommerce, to stay in the market without representation on social networks. This channel boosts brand awareness and builds trust with customers.

This article presents four aspects of social media management and tactics that any SMM specialist will need to drive traffic.

1- Content

Content is the most crucial thing in social networks. It is a determining factor for attracting customers and successful brand representation. So, what kind of content should be on the social network:

  • Diverse and high-quality visual content.

Unique photos, pictures, and short videos are the main things that users remember and make them want to subscribe to you. Every post should have a bright visual component.

  • Short and exciting texts.

Whether you are writing a regular post or blog article, try not to create too large amounts of text, most of the users will not waste time reading them.

  • Remember that content must be valuable and useful to your followers. Tell stories, educate them, and share compelling tips. Suppose you want your social network to work for your business. In that case, you need to prioritize the client’s interests and not spam with advertising materials but integrate them wisely instead.
  • Posting product reviews from your customers is an incredibly effective way to build user confidence in your brand. You can post photos with customer reviews or create a separate category for this.

It is vital to make a regular posting and create the impression of a constant presence on the network; eCommerce SMM services and tools will help you plan and manage these tasks.

2- Feedback

As we’ve touched on earlier, posting feedback in the form of reviews of your product is a great way to build brand loyalty. Two types of reviews can serve you as an advertisement  – reviews from regular users and influencers.

About 80 percent of people are more likely to purchase if a friend or family recommended the product to them. Encourage the initiative to share reviews and repost them to personal pages, in exchange for this, buyers can receive a reward from the brand in the form of a discount or other offer. It’s a simple and proven way to build brand awareness and improve your reputation.

Influencers are bloggers with high subscriber counts and celebrities. They can attract big audiences to your brand and make you famous. The optimal ad format from influencers is their review of your product.

3- Communicate

Social media are great platforms for communicating with your customers. Set up a chat that will continuously and efficiently work, solving all possible customer problems. Read comments, like, and reply to them. This is a great way to stay on top of current brand issues and show your followers that you care.

4- Advertising

Don’t forget about the variety of official paid advertising options that social networks offer. Set aside a budget for it. Usually, it is affordable and easy to set up.

Advertising on social networks is a great way to improve brand awareness, drive traffic, remind both potential and former customers of yourself, and compete for customers’ attention with competitors.

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