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How to Create Jewelry: DIY Tips for Beginners

There’s a reason why the global jewelry market is worth an estimated $278.5 billion. The right piece of jewelry can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the typically expensive cost of designer jewelry.

So, if you’re on a budget, then what are you supposed to do? Simple: create jewelry yourself! There are plenty of creative DIY options out there for making a piece that fits your style.

In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorite methods of making jewelry. Let’s get started!

Find the Tools Needed to Create Jewelry

There is an endless variety of tools that can be used for jewelry making. However, everything — from the most simple stringing necklaces to advanced wirework — requires a base set of tools.

For a beginner, we recommend covering your bases with round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, a crimping tool, and wire cutters. Three sets of pliers might seem excessive.

However, they all serve a different purpose when holding different types of wire and string. At the bare minimum, you need two sets of pliers; one for holding and one for shaping.

If you plan on working with beaded material, then a crimping tool is important for smashing the crimp bead into metal. Finally, a wire cutter is probably the most important tool available.

They allow you to cut wire, headpins, and eye pins. Typically you can find this instrument in most toolboxes, so check first to see if someone you live with has it.

Also, keep in mind that if you plan on working with memory wire, then you will need a special set of cutters to get through it.

Gather the Supplies You Want to Work With

Now that you have your tools it’s time to choose what you’ll be using on your jewelry. With DIY jewelry you’re truly only limited by your imagination when it comes to supplies.

If you’re new to jewelry making, then we recommend starting with something simple and easy, like beads. From there you can move on to more advanced supplies. Here are just some of the materials that people use on their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets:

  • Beads
  • Stones
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Gems
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Glass
  • Acrylics

Typically you can save a lot of money on these types of supplies if you buy in bulk, instead of small quantities. There are plenty of helpful websites that offer semi precious beads wholesale.

Just make sure you like the material before you commit to buying it in a large amount. If you’re making a bracelet or necklace, then you will also need something to hang the material on.

This can be as simple as a pre-bought chain, or as complicated as a homemade leather material. There are a variety of materials you can use for a string including:

  • Nylon
  • Monofilament
  • Leather
  • Metal chain
  • Silk
  • Beading wire
  • Tiger-tail
  • Hemp
  • Kevlar

How to Make a Beaded Necklace

A necklace is a great place to start since it’s simple and covers a lot of basic skills. The first thing you need to do when making a beaded necklace is to decide on a length.

Typically, when it comes to necklaces thirteen inches is the shortest you can go. This will result in a choker-style necklace. On the opposite end, forty-five inches will result in a Lariat necklace.

Choose the length that fits the style you want. However, if you’re going with a tight necklace make sure you first measure the person’s neck. Next, it’s time to make your design.

Layout the beads you’ll be using and arrange them on a flat surface. Next, measure out the string material you’ll be using. Be sure to add six inches to your preferred length.

So, if you want a twenty-inch necklace, then you would use twenty-six inches of string. Now it’s time to secure your necklace with a crimping bead. Put one bead onto the necklace, followed by a crimping bead.

Then attach any end of the clasp to the crimping bead. Very carefully, thread the string through the clasp and add it to your crimp bead. Crimp this bead firmly into place using your crimping tool.

Now it’s time to add your design to the necklace. You want to leave about an inch of wire when you finish crimping the other half of your necklace.

Other DIY Tips for Beginners

Now that we know the basics of making a necklace, we’ll go into some other jewelry tips. First, we recommend always setting aside a dedicated space for jewelry making.

It’s easy for small materials to get lost, so try and keep it organized. One way you can do this is with the beadboard. This allows you to lay your design and measure it without it getting scattered everywhere.

Also, don’t be afraid to check out YouTube tutorials. Instructions only go so far. You need to watch a professional understand the intricacies of jewelry. Luckily there is a wealth of video resources out there.

You can also check out Pinterest pages to get inspired by other people’s designs. Finally, don’t get discouraged.

Jewelry making is an incredibly hard hobby. But, it’s also extremely satisfying if you stick with it. Don’t beat yourself up over any failures. This is all part of the learning process.

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We hope this article helped teach you a thing or two about how to create jewelry. As you can see there are a limitless amount of options you can choose from. When it comes to homemade jewelry, you’re only limited by your imagination.

So experiment with different styles and materials until you make something you’re proud to wear.

Looking for more tips on fashion and saving money? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that interest you today.

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