How to Create Your Home Gym On A Budget

These days, we are all trying to stay fit and look our best, but with our busy lives, it is not always possible to get to the gym. Once you have factored in the time to get there and back, a one-hour gym session can take up two or three hours of your day.

Furthermore, gym memberships can be very, very expensive, and whilst buying your gym equipment may not seem like a money-saving solution, with careful planning, it can save you a lot of money. Remember that, unlike a gym membership that must be renewed yearly, once you have bought your home gym equipment, it is yours forever.

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To help, here are our tips on how to build your home gym on a budget.

Determine your Training Needs

The first thing you should do when planning your home gym is to figure out the equipment that you need to start training. You may be amazed at how versatile basic gym equipment can be and how few things you need to do a comprehensive workout.

Think about cardio equipment and strength building equipment. The best cardio equipment for home gyms is an exercise bike. If you check out this post, they compared the two most popular exercise bikes in terms of their features and prices – the Echelon Studio and Peloton. Both are amazing indoor bikes and are on-demand.

Though they differ in some features, these exercise bikes are great options. Exercise bikes are ideal for home gyms because they are cheaper than treadmills, can be stored away after use, and do not damage your floors.

For most people, the only strength building equipment you will need is a solid squat rack and a barbell, a bench, a bar for doing pull-ups, and various weights. These pieces of equipment can be used for so many exercises that they are must-buys.

Look for Second-hand Equipment

There is always second-hand equipment on Craigslist and Facebook, and as long as the equipment is made from quality materials, it will be the same as the equipment that you buy brand new. As was highlighted above, you don’t need that much equipment for a great workout.

There are many pieces of exercise equipment available second-hand that people have bought and then rarely or never used. Search social media for posts selling exercise equipment, or make a post if you are looking for a specific piece of equipment. Remember that when you buy second-hand items you can negotiate with the seller for a better price.

Buy New Equipment All at Once

If you do decide that you would rather buy all new equipment for your home gym, then it can save you a lot of money if you buy it all together. Exercise equipment is very heavy and that means it costs a lot to ship.

It is better to buy as much as possible in one go because once you reach a certain limit of weight, the cost beyond that weight only goes up a little. Buying everything at the same time also makes it more convenient for you because you will only need to receive one delivery and the delivery men can unload your entire gym in one go.

Buy New Equipment

Wait for Deals

Again, if you decide to buy brand new equipment for your home gym, then wait for deals on Black Friday or in other discount sales. Many fitness equipment companies only reduce their prices on these special occasions so it is worth waiting and buying everything you need when the prices drop.

At these times, many fitness equipment companies will not only reduce the price of their products but will also offer deals on shipping and other extras like buy one get one free offers on weights and other items.

Build DIY Equipment

The last tip for how to build a home gym on a budget is to make as much equipment as you can. Whilst not everybody is DIY savvy or has a huge tool kit, building your equipment or utilizing household objects can be very easy. One example of an easy way to make exercise equipment is using water bottles.

6 liters of water weigh 6kg, but 6 liters of sand weigh 9kg. By filling big water bottles with different materials you can make different weights that can be used the same as kettlebells. DIY equipment like this is cheap and safe to use and as you progress and get stronger, you can just use bigger bottles and heavier materials. 

Having your home gym can provide many benefits compared to joining a gym. You can save time, work out in comfort, and save lots of money on expensive membership fees.

Building your home gym does not need to be expensive and because exercise equipment is so durable, once you have all the equipment you need, you will never have to buy it again. Follow this guide and start creating your home gym today.

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