How to Design A Garage

If you are looking for guidance and inspiration on how to build your perfect garage, Fair Dinkum Builds has all of the information and features that you would need to build the best garage designs suitable for you and your home. They give extensive information and details about each step in building your garage and you have the option to customize it according to your life at home.


There are multiple steps in creating a functional garage, and Fair Dinkum Builds covers everything. Beginning with setting up the profile of your garage, the color, size, roller doors, roof pitch, and finally nay extras you would consider adding to your customization. When choosing your profile, their websites produce a list of options such as Stramit K Panel, Stramit Monoclad, and Stramit mono panel to name a few, along with a detailed description and how each would function and what each would be suitable for.

Next, you need to choose which color or design you would like your garage to have. Fair Dinkum Builds provides a number of designs for you to choose from such as Colorbond Steel, Colorbond Ultrasteel, Colorbond Steel Matte, MagnaFlow, and Superdura Stainless steel, all of which provide you with multiple solid colors that you can choose according to what kind of design or protection you are looking for. They also give you the option of choosing Unicote Lux which is the worlds-first inventive paint method creating the illusion of a textured surface for your garage. This is a very popular option that will definitely make your garage stand out from others.

Once you have decided on your colors, you need to figure out the sizing and measurements of your garage. Everyone has different uses and needs when it comes to an at-home garage, that is why Fair Dinkum Builds makes things easier for you by tailoring each individual garage they produce so it fits your specific requirements and dimensions needed for your home.


The next step would be deciding what style of roller doors you are looking for, various options are produced for this step as well such as Taurean Windstrong; built statistically for any kind of wind resistance, Taurean NovaTaur; intended for residential garages with a rounded panel design and stylish appeal, and Taurean Pr1me roller door; An excellent option for residential garages with an array of safety features as well as a well-balanced spring system.

They provide you with the very best options that fit any environment. Once you have decided on your roller doors, the next step would be to decide on what your roof pitch is going to be. Fair Dinkum Builds gives you options ranging from 5 degrees to 45 degrees along with a detailed description of what each will look like and be useful as well. Finally, they give you the option to make any extras additions you would like to your custom garage.

These additions include a variety of different gutter options and a description of each, skylight designs and an explanation of why you may consider one, and also the option of having the gables of your garage open or closed in. Building and designing your own garage can be made simple with the use of Fair Dinkum Builds where they design especially while keeping you in mind!

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