How to Design a Perfect Mid-Century Modern Home Look

When you get the home of your dreams, you have free reign to finally design it in whichever style your heart desires. Your home reflects how you feel and the kind of style that you are into.

When you design your own home, you are allowed to unleash your inner artist and decorate the place however you please creatively. Many people love the mid-century modern home look of how elegant it can be.

Creating that retro architecture style in your home can be challenging if you are not sure where to start. Here are some tips to help you design your home in a modern mid-century style with no hassle.

Add Wooden Pieces

Wood is an integral part of any piece of modern furniture. To mix modern with mid-century vibes in your home, try to add wooden pieces that are more real rather than simply using furniture made of pressed or synthetic wood.

As seen the furnishing style that was used in the 50s mainly used quality wood like oak and rosewood pieces which would make a lot of sense in your house if you are looking to incorporate modern style with vintage masterpieces.

Depending on your budget, you can have some pieces custom-designed to your preference where you can take inspiration from mid-century pieces and add your modern touch.

Install the Right Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference in the world when it comes to transforming the style of any house into another. By installing the right kind of lighting, you can very simply have your mid-century home look with minimal effort.

The majority of mid-century modern homes have those signature dangling lighting fixtures that accessorize the ceilings and shine on the wooden furniture. This type of lighting should be simple yet elegant and, in most cases, it needs to be bold enough to bring the room together.

Many people choose to even get these light fixtures architecturally designed so that they can get creative and have their unique pieces rather than just a copy of something else.

Incorporate a Bar

A bar in the house is the perfect element to add to any mid-century modern home. If you are considering renovating the house completely, then you should consider incorporating a built-in bar to add that 50s vintage look.

However, if you want to keep the house as it is while only doing some redecoration, then you can simply get a bar cart that you can wheel around the house with different drinks and accessories decorating it.

You might also choose to place your bar cart in a dedicated location in the house, perhaps the reception area where you have your guests, and add some expensive liquor bottles and fancy drinks glasses to match the luxurious style of a mid-century yet slightly modern vibe of the house.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are great elements to add to your home regardless of what look you are going for. When you design a mid-century modern home, in particular, hanging a mirror can give you that perfect finish and bring all your furniture together in a stylish touch.

Mirrors do not just add the illusion of a bigger space, but they are also essential accessories that can add a modern or vintage touch depending on the design of the mirror itself. You can play around with more than one mirror or even mix and match designs to reach your desired look.

Mix Modern and Flea

Adding vintage pieces of furniture to your home to create that mid-century look in the place means you would need to go to the source of all vintage items, flea markets. Finding mid-century pieces to mix with modern items in your home is not always easy.

However, in a flea market, you can find some rare collections of every style you can imagine and, in most cases, for a good price too! You can even find items you like in big brand stores and look for their replicas in flea markets for a better price.

Once you collect all your items, start mixing modern and mid-century pieces in one place to create that retro time capsule right in your home. 

Mid-century modern homes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Those who cannot choose between modern or vintage styles have finally found their calling in this new and trendy look that can make any home classy and vibrant at the same time with a few simple tricks.

When you are designing your home, make sure you do a lot of research so you can get inspiration from professionals or others who have redecorated or renovated their homes in similar ways.

Remember to always compare prices before buying so you can get the best possible deals without having to sacrifice the quality elegant look you are after.

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