How to Determine Female Marijuana Seeds

Most growers want nothing to do with male seeds. Female seeds produce better plants with plenty of beautiful buds. When purchasing seed, it is not always easy to tell the males from the females. Being able to distinguish female seeds from their male counterparts is essential for growing a bountiful crop of marijuana.

Is It Possible to Determine the Sex of a Seed?

One of the most difficult tasks of cannabis growers is sexing plants. Being able to sex plants is essential so the males can be removed before they pollinate the females.  Knowing about female marijuana seeds will help growers choose the right seeds to grow bountiful buds, but is there such a thing as differences in the seed?

Some growers swear they have the ability to differentiate female seeds from males. One of the myths that people continue to believe is that female seeds have a rounded crater whereas males have a misshapen one. 

Growers also say female seeds roll across a table and male cannabis seeds will not. Those who say it is possible to tell the differences in seed recommend using a microscope and tweezers. But, is sexing marijuana seeds even possible? Most growers say no.

The reason it is impossible to tell the sex of a seed is that seeds can have many different characteristics like the ones mentioned above and still be sexed incorrectly. In addition to that fact, even purely feminized seeds can end up becoming males or hermaphrodites depending on the stress they are under while growing.

Stress Changes the Sex of Plants

Many growers find it difficult to choose the right seeds for growing beautiful female marijuana plants. Even when a grower thinks they have it together and have chosen the right seed, stress can take its toll on the plant. 

When stress occurs with a plant, it thinks it is going to die so it ends up turning itself into a hermaphrodite. By making this change, the marijuana plant then has the ability to self-pollinate so it can live on. 

Any experienced grower knows hermaphrodites are just as bad as males. These plants can pollinate females just like male plants can, causing them to change and focus on growing seeds rather than buds. This is something no grower wants. 

It is important to keep a consistent and healthy growing environment for marijuana plants. Even with great care, it is still possible for some plants to become hermaphrodites, so growers need to keep a check on their plants and look for the telltale signs of both male and female parts.

Purchase Feminized Seeds

Purchasing feminized marijuana seeds from a reputable depository is one of the best ways to avoid problems with male plants. These seeds allow growers to feel confident in knowing their plants will develop into healthy females that produce huge buds. 

Should a grower notice any signs they have a male or hermaphrodite plant, it is important these are removed right away. Many growers destroy these plants, but they do have some usefulness, depending on the grower’s intentions for growing marijuana. 

Now is a good time to view the vast array of feminized marijuana seeds that are available. When a grower purchases from a reputable dealer, whether online or at a brick and mortar location, they will not have to stress so much over the sex of their seeds or plants, but they should still remain mindful of helping their marijuana plants avoid stress. 

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