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How to Determine the Selling Price of Your Junk Car

Do you have an unusable car taking up space in your yard or garage? It may not be completely worthless. You can make a few bucks out of it. The question is, how do you get the maximum value for your junk car when you sell it.

Junk Car Price

You can find many companies that offer cash for junk automobiles. You can find shops that will pay for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale, for example, or in other cities in Florida. You can’t just give away your property for the amount they say, though. Do your research and use the tips below to determine the right selling price.

Thoroughly examine the condition of the unit

The first step is to assess the actual state of the automobile. Can you find working parts? Evaluate the overall appearance of the car. Is the body entirely covered by rust, or does it still look relatively decent? Are there parts that can be taken out to be used as a replacement in another car? Come up with a detailed description. Take photos of the whole unit from different angles as well as photos of specific parts such as the doors, hood, engine, etc. Also, take note of the technical specifications of the car, including its brand, model, body style, and year of release.

Some may say that it’s a waste of time doing all of these things since it’s generally the buyer that sets the price anyway (after examining the automobile). This is not exactly true. At the very least, you need to go through this step so you can compare your car to those sold by others and match your price to theirs. Also, you may find some parts that are still usable, which may be sold separately. Sometimes you can get better prices if you sell the unit piece by piece.

Do your research before selling the junk car

Once you are properly acquainted with your unit, you can proceed to find information that will help you set the best possible price. Go over classified sites, car forums, and social media. Find for-sale postings of cars similar to what you have. Look at the prices and determine if they are good enough for you. Contact friends or acquaintances who have sold their junk automobiles. Ask them about the rates and where they sold their units.

You may find price calculators online. Be forewarned, though, that they are usually not that good at determining prices. Most of the time, these price calculators are embedded in car dealerships or buy-and-sell sites to entice people to sell their units to these dealerships. When people go to them, they tend to offer considerably lower rates.

Ultimately, you as the seller should have the final say on the price. However, since you are trying to remove the unwanted unit from your garage or yard, you tend to submit to the price the buyer wants. Still, you can get the best possible price by doing your research instead of going directly to the nearest junk car buyer.

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