How To Edit Information On Your New Record Release

Musical albums are being released regularly on all streaming platforms. A musical album is a collection of music tracks performed by a solo artist or a group of artists. As a musical artist, there is the need to release a musical album.

But in releasing a new album, there might be a situation where you unintentionally omitted some specific information on the album, which is meant to provide details for your fans.

Some information might also be outdated and would need to be updated. Such may include – album cover art, background information about the album, information on additional released tracks on the album tracklists, and others.

In such a case, how do you go about editing your newest albums on platforms? We will walk you through what you need to know about editing your newly released albums.

Providing an edit on your musical album release is pretty straightforward once you fully understand what you need to do and the steps. You can always change information on your newly released song record at any time, provided it hasn’t been purchased. Once there is the first purchase of your newest album, you won’t be able to edit any information on your album.

Editing your newest albums on Show4me is easy. All you have to do first is move to the album page. After that, you click on the edit button on the album page. The edit button can be accessed from the top of the home page of the album page.

Once you have accessed the edit page, you can then change the information present on your musical albums. There is some specific information that you can change about the details of your album.

Changing your album title

Perhaps while inputting information on your album, you accidentally made a mistake in the input of the album title. This could be by missing a letter, or you later decided to change the entire album title. Just click on the “About album,” which is located at the left-top corner of the page. You can now click on the title box and input the album title with which you want your album to be addressed.

Genre Change

You can also make an edit on the genre title of your newest album release. How to go about this is straightforward. You may realize later that the specific genre you initially chose for your latest album isn’t what it is. Maybe initially you specified your album is a pop album, but of certainty, it should be a soft rock genre. This can also be edited on the “About album” page of the “edit album.” You can edit this by going to the genre tab and making the needed information change.

Release date

You can make some adjustments to the date of release of your album. This information is also present as one of the essential info on the “about album” page. Just go to the date tab and re-enter the correct date for your newest album released.

Cover Image

The cover image is one crucial piece of information that helps to engage your fans. The album’s cover image is expected to show what the listener should be expecting from the album. Perhaps you uploaded a cover image initially, and you later discovered that it doesn’t fit the message of your album; you could always make a change to this. You need to click on the “Album cover” on the edit album page. Then you could choose a new album cover from your gallery to replace the one initially present.

Album description

This is a piece of extra information provided for your album, and you can make changes to this as well. Perhaps you added limited information about your album’s description initially, and you can always go to the description box and input the needed information.

Editing tracks

You can also adjust single tracks on your newest album. This can be done by clicking on “Upload tracks” on the edit album page. Once you have clicked on the “Upload tracks,” you can go ahead to select the “pencil” sign beside the track you wish to edit. This will give you the information about the particular track song, and you can therefore make the necessary adjustments to the track song, say change of song title, the minutes of the track, etc.

Once all the changes have been made, you can go ahead to save what you have done. This would automatically update the information about your newest album release. However, you can only make an edit on the album if it hasn’t been purchased. Once the album has gotten the first purchase, you are forbidden to change the album’s information.

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