How to Elevate Your Gaming Setup

The global market value of the gaming industry was around $217.06 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to grow to $242.39 billion by the end of 2023. This goes to show just how popular gaming is, and it’s the reason why gamers are willing to spend money on making sure they have the best gaming setup possible.

Invest in a Quality Headset

If you’re playing games online, you need to have the best audio possible, especially if you need to listen closely for enemy footsteps and other sounds. Although a decent speaker system will work, it’s best to use a quality headset. However, it’s important to avoid shopping for brand names, as these don’t always offer the best sound quality. Instead, explore consumer reviews and choose a headset accordingly.

Consider Using Ergonomic Controllers

Whether you game using a control or a keyboard, the repetitive actions can lead to a series of health conditions including carpel tunnel syndrome, which is why you need to put measures in place to reduce the stress on your wrists. One of the best ways to do this is by using an ergonomic mouse/keyboard or controller, which is designed to lower excess pressure.

Have a High-Quality Gaming Chair

If you’re prone to plugging into your games for a long time, you’ll know all too well how much back, leg, or arm pain it can cause. Therefore, to alleviate soreness and have a more enjoyable gaming experience, we recommend investing in a high-quality gaming chair. The best on the market have unique ergonomic features to support your back, neck, and legs.

Get Suitable Broadband Speeds

There’s nothing worse than experiencing game lag while you’re in the middle of a high-octane game of Call of Duty or about to score the winning goal on FIFA. To avoid this, make sure you’ve got fast fiber internet from a reputable provider, you’re plugged in by ethernet if possible, and your PC is properly optimized for gaming.

Avoid Lavish Monitors

You’ll need a monitor to play games, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and invest in one with 4K. After all, GPUs with 4K capabilities are extremely expensive right now. Therefore, it’s best to buy a monitor with a 1080p/60Hz rating. As well as this, a curved monitor can be better for maximizing the field of view and achieving a better resolution.

Upgrade Your GPU

The best part about desktop gaming is how easy it is to make component upgrades, especially to the GPU (graphics card), which is responsible for assisting the CPU (processor) and providing a greater output. Whether you use an Nvidia or AMD GPU, the higher the model number, the better it will be. However, it’s important to make sure you don’t waste your money on a GPU that will bottleneck your PC and outperform your monitor.

Elevating your gaming setup involves investments in ergonomic equipment, a suitable broadband connection, a high-quality headset, and a decent desktop PC. Most other additions to your gaming setup will be purely cosmetic, so feel free to decorate however you like.

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