How to Enjoy the Summer In Barcelona: A Guide for Bike Tourists

 Nothing says movement better than a Barcelona trip. Buses, motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, and yes, bicycles. If you love biking, then Barcelona is one destination you do not want to miss. It is the perfect place to visit in the summer.

In this article, we take you through all you need to know about having a good time in Barcelona if you are a bike lover.

The good thing about being a bike tourist is that it keeps your overheads low while at the same time keeping you healthy on your travel. Here are some important tips to get you started on your bike tour of Barcelona in the summer.

Check your bike

As obvious as this may sound, make sure to check your bike to make sure it is in good condition. Whether you bought or rented it, check to ensure the brakes are working before you start cycling it. The last thing you want is to jump off a moving bike just because you realize your brakes are not working.

You also want to ensure the seat is firmly in place and comfortable enough to hold you through your trip. Also, check for the pedals and every other component on the bike just to be double sure everything is fine.

Helmet and gloves

The most important safety feature of the bicycle is the helmet. If you are renting a bicycle, insist on getting a good helmet. Some companies might neglect this so make sure to ask for the helmet. A pair of gloves is also good to have. They will help you to have a better grasp of the handles, but more importantly, they can help protect your hands in case of a fall.

Pay attention to the traffic rules

You do not have to know the entire traffic code but make sure you are familiar with some of the basics. Just start by remembering that even though you are not a vehicle, the moment you start cycling, you are considered a vehicle which means all traffic rules affecting motorists affect you as well.

For instance, just as you wouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol, cycling while drunk is also a traffic offense. Barcelona has designated a lane for cyclists so make sure to stick to it.

Summer In Barcelona
View to Barcelona from the hill.

Forget your headphones

As much as you might enjoy listening to inspiring music or tuning in to your favorite podcaster, it is illegal to cycle while wearing headphones in Barcelona. It is a very dangerous habit because it means you will not be fully alert. Do not attempt to listen to music while cycling not because of the legal ramifications but also because of your safety.

Parking your bike

Barcelona is a relatively safe city, but that is no excuse for throwing caution to the wind. Look for a special bicycle parking where you can lock your bike. If none is near you, make sure to lock your bike on a tree or a pole.

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