How to Ensure Your Kids Can Tackle Math Easily

Some kids do not like Math for different reasons. Some kids find it too difficult while others just perceive it to be too overwhelming. Others confess that it is too boring that they would rather do something else than finish their assignments. But, whatever the reason for one’s lack of interest in Math parents need to find ways to help their kids tackle Math easily.

This way, they would grow up not having difficulty reaching Math milestones and make more complicated Math-related subjects in college a lot easier for them.

Hire a Tutor

Hiring a tutor is not that easy to do because you also need to hire one whose personality is also compatible with your child’s. Each child belongs to a family that has unique personalities, culture, environment, and personalities. So, if you’re looking to find a tutor to help you with your child’s math problems, better consider these things.

Keep in mind that you need to identify your goal of hiring a tutor. Do you need a tutor to help with your child’s assignments? Does your child need intensive remediation? How much money are you willing to earmark for your child’s tutor? Never skimp as much as possible so that the process of hiring a tutor will greatly reap huge positive returns.

Make Use of Fun Approaches

Making use of fun approaches will greatly help make math something that is loved rather than feared. Kids who find math difficult have a greater tendency to become uninterested, especially if they are always asked to answer pen and paper activities. But, when you introduce math problems using games your child will see the activity more as a play than a chore. Look for downloadable apps, puzzles, and books that have fun math activities. Note that you have the internet to serve as your resource of endless ideas on how you can make Math fun and easy.

The best thing about it was that many of these resources do not require you to spend a single centavo. There are a plethora of ideas on the internet so use them to your child’s advantage. Remember that variety is the key so that Math learning becomes more meaningful and less monotonous.

Do It With Your Child

Nobody else serves as a greater source of inspiration than parents when it comes to their children’s learning. Parental involvement can do wonders toward fostering a child’s academic achievement. When parents are always there to lend a helping hand while also providing an encouraging atmosphere at home the difficulties in math will largely be reduced. Parents have the power to boost their children’s self-esteem and confidence in facing life’s difficulties. Practicing math problems with your child, even for as short as 15 minutes every night can already lead to significant improvements in your child’s attitude towards learning math.

Do It With Your Child

Think of Real-Life Applications

Incorporating real-life applications of math activities will help children realize the significance of what they are learning about. It helps them appreciate more the relevance of what they are learning about. When they are learning while doing it, math time will cease to be a difficult activity. Instead, children will see it as part of their daily life and this encourages them to become more interested in learning the subject. Find ways to incorporate math into their daily activities. When learning to bake cookies, they may find themselves using fractions when using measuring spoons. When shopping they could make use of addition and subtraction. There are plenty of activities every day where math could be incorporated so make use of these.

Use Dramatization Techniques

Math doesn’t have to be a boring subject. Make it more interesting by using dramatization techniques. For example, you may ask the child to pretend as if his face is a ball. Then, let him feel the roundness of his face by touching all the sides of it. You may also ask for help from his siblings if you will be doing arithmetic. For example, there are two butterflies, but the other one flies away. Now, how many butterflies were left? Let the child act as if he and his sibling are the butterflies.

Integrate More Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities help children find their math activity a lot easier. Let them have manipulatives such as blocks, sticks, marbles, and straws. These things allow their bodies to be kinetically involved. As mentioned earlier, math doesn’t have to be an all-paper and pen activity. Give the children the chance to be busy thinking while their hands are also working. This not only accelerates learning. But, it also lessens the likelihood of children watching the clock, anxiously waiting for the lesson time to be over.

Parents who find Math uninteresting should do their best to ensure that they show a positive attitude towards the subject. Avoid the urge to talk negatively about math. Keep in mind that as parents, your positivity about learning a difficult subject can go a long way towards helping your child. 

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