How to Evaluate Mac Free Trial Version Before Purchasing?

Free Trial Version

In case there is a logical data loss in a Macbook and the user can not know if a free Mac data recovery software would be able to recover all the lost files, there is a very simple way to figure this out. Chances of data recovery on Mac could be easily calculated using the free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac offered by the company.

Recoverable Files

The above-mentioned free Mac file recovery software can search for recoverable files even before the purchase is made. So, the user can download the software from the official site of Stellar and try scanning for recoverable files using it. If the software could find any recoverable files in the storage media, then it means that these files could be recovered using the particular software.

1 GB of Free Data Recovery On Mac

However, the user can enjoy up to 1 GB of free Mac data recovery using the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac. The software is perfectly competent to recover all kinds of files like emails, notes, word files, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, videos, photos, and much more than that.

Steps To Use Stellar Data Recovery Software

Here are the three simple steps mentioned below which the user could follow to recover the data for free:

  • Download and install the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac from the official website of Stellar on the storage media where there is a need for data recovery.
  • SELECT: Select the type of data that is required to be searched for and move on to the next page.
  • Select the location where the lost data was stored last and the software will conduct its research in the same location.
  • SCAN: Toggle ‘Deep Scan’ and then click on the ‘Scan’ button so that the software can start searching for recoverable files of the selected type in the selected location.
  • Once the research is complete, the software will create a list of the recoverable files which the user could preview to make sure of the correctness of the files.
  • RECOVER: Now, the user is required to make a selection of the files which are needed to be recovered from the given list after reviewing the data. Once the selection has been made, click on the ‘Recover’ button and let the software restore the selected files for the user.
  • To finish the process, select a new location to save the recovered files and click on ‘Save.’

Files Are More Than 1 Gb

In case the files that are required to be recovered are more than a GB and they could be successfully previewed, the user would be required to purchase the license to use the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac. Upon making the purchase, the user will be able to recover unlimited lost data for a limited period.

Files Could Not Be Previewed

However, in case the files were not found in the list of the previewable files or could not be previewed properly, it is needed to be understood that the files are nonrecoverable and the software will not be able to recover those much-needed files.

After The Process Of Data Recovery Using The Software

Also, please check and open the recovered files in their new location before taking any further action. In case the files cannot be accessed properly in their new location, do not format or make any other changes in the storage media and contact Stellar Data Recovery Service Providers as the data loss could be physical.

NOTE: A data recovery software can only recover data lost due to logical reasons. For physical data damage cases, the user is required to contact the data recovery service center immediately.

What To Do When The Software Could Not Recover Files

In the exact opposite case of the software not being able to even find the recoverable files in the first place, the user should again contact the Stellar Data Recovery Service Provider only as the data loss case is out of the hands of the software. The data recovery service for Mac offered by Stellar can recover lost and damaged data in the most severe cases of physical damage to the storage media.


Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac is free software that can tell you if your lost data is in recoverable form by using software or not. If it could be recovered using software, then you can recover data up to 1 GB using the above-mentioned software. Users can also opt for a higher version or paid version of Stellar’s Mac data recovery software.

In case you want to recover more data than a GB and the data can be seen in the recoverable files searched by the software, you can purchase the license to use it.

This way, you would not need to invest your money before knowing the efficiency of the software.

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