How To Explore The Ocean This Summer

We all dream about the calm blue ocean and white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees, and of course, this is a wonderful dream to have, but did you know there’s a multitude of other activities that you can do in and around the ocean?

For the more adventurous types, two polar regions are waiting to be discovered and there are endless islands around the Indonesian archipelago or the Caribbean seas. However, if you want to take it easy, sailing in the Mediterranean could be the option for you.

Here we will look at the best ways to explore the ocean this summer

Diving with sharks

Let’s start with an activity for the ultimate thrill-seeker: diving with great white sharks in South Africa! We’ve all seen Jaws and been petrified, but now it is possible to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures from the safety of a steel cage. No experience is necessary and you are almost certain of a glimpse of these elusive creatures as South Africa was the first country to protect the beasts in the 1990s. Be brave and dive in!

Snorkeling in Antarctica

When people think of Antarctica they think of countless penguins, the cold, and endless mountains of ice, whether floating or on land. Now the continent is easily reachable by cruise ship, there are countless activities for you to explore in the crystal clear unpolluted waters, the best of which is snorkeling. Slip on a wetsuit and dive in, there are countless islands to discover surrounded by shipwrecks left by intrepid adventurers, and wildlife that you cannot imagine from seals to whales and small marine life the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Ocean Kayaking

What better way to discover the ocean and the related coastline than by ocean kayaking? This activity is suitable for all the family and these outdoor experts can recommend the right kit and spectacular locations such as the Norwegian Fjords or the South Island of New Zealand. You can explore hidden caves and even fish right from the side of your kayak to catch your evening meal. What more could you wish for?


Surfing in the Ocean

Surfing is an ocean activity that can be enjoyed throughout the world. If you are a beginner, you can explore the British coastline and find small safe waves, suitable for children. For the more adventurous the world is your oyster. The largest, most dangerous waves can be found off the coast of Portugal and in Hawaii, whereas if you are looking for more of a lifestyle choice, why not head to Queensland or Los Angeles where you can find beautiful bronzed bodies and acres of golden sand. This is the option if you are looking for a glamorous ocean break.


Kiteboarding is a relatively new invention that, as the name suggests, mixes surfing and kiting. Coastal winds are often much stronger than those in the land, so this sport lends itself perfectly to tricks and turns in the air and barbecues and beers on the beach in the evening. Locations are limitless, so you can pop down to the coast in your home country, or head to surfing destinations like the Caribbean where you will find beaches dedicated to the sport.

Yacht sailing

Sailing a yacht is a perfect way to explore the ocean and is suitable for the whole family. You don’t even need any experience and can hire a captain if necessary. You can go it alone or join a flotilla of boats that can spend weeks exploring the Greek islands. Days are spent cruising around the bays and inlets, playing with dolphins, or swimming and snorkeling in forgotten caves.

These flotillas will moor up on a remote island and then you can visit one of the traditional local tavernas for a seafood supper or cook your fish on the beach under the stars. Sailing is certainly a heavenly way to explore the ocean with family and friends.

As we have discovered there are more ways to explore the ocean than you can imagine. If you are looking for an adventurous trip of a lifetime head down to the Antarctic and snorkel in the icy waters surrounded by penguins and seals, or brave your worst fear and swim with sharks in South Africa.

If you are looking for a more sedate family activity try kayaking in the fjords or sailing around the Greek islands. Whatever your passion, the ocean is so large and diverse and throws up so many different activities, that you will never be bored. Book that trip right away!

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